ACOG vs LPVO (Primary Arms ACOG with ACSS Aurora)

Published 2020-04-21
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All Comments (21)
  • That's how I run my M13 in Call of Duty. I've used it extensively and it's flat shooting, has more knock down power and is far better than any other rifle in the game. You need to put more gaming video in your reviews so we know if you're as good as you pretend to be with real steel.
  • @vascojorge281
    Battery life on an Acog is about 7.5 billion years.
  • For those complaining about an ACOG, haven't had enough time to put it through its paces. A good friend of mine stopped a metal pipe from caving in his nose with his rifle and it hit directly on the ACOG. Not only did it survive, it held its zero true.

    Any scope that is accidently dropped into a porta-shitter and survives has my respect.
  • @tomjacobs7396
    I think Trijicon should adopt that slogan.

    “Trijicon ACOG. Powered by the fucking sun”
  • @zedwards11bravo
    You would not believe how many people I knew in the Army that didn't know what eye relief was. Every time we did a class on marksmanship, they would never mention it, they would just talk about getting the same sight picture. Then I would see privates with their eye like 2-3 inches back. Then when I asked the NCOs about it, they never knew what I was talking about. And they couldn't figure out why so many guys couldn't zero their weapons or qualify. And this isn't one unit. I was in for 12 years across like 5 units, and it was always the same thing.
  • @deadspazz
    A good way to train with both eyes open, at least from my experience anyway, is to get an optic and cover the front lens with black tape or a scope cap. That way your non dominant eye sees the target and your dominant eye, which is focused on the reticle and is superimposed. It worked for me.
  • The ACOG is the finest combat optic made, it’s record is unbeatable. It’s also near and dear to me and I wish I had the ACSS reticle back in the day.
  • @jm842zrx
    Fixed 4x rifle scopes were fairly common for hunting back in the day. Vortex, Leupold, Burris, Athlon should bring fixed 4x power scopes to the market w/ or w/o illumination
  • One thing rarely spoken about is the acog was originally a carry handle optic and still is. The channel under the optic is meant so you can use the iron sights of a a1, a2, or a3/4. I have my ta31ecos on my urgi upper but I also have a retro C7 with an a1 style upper and use a ta31a4 with the carry handle knob. Very nice and the added bore to optic height is not as bad.
  • It's amazing how optics have evolved over the last 20, 10, heck even 5 years. There's multiple quality players in the LPVO game, micro dots, precision long-range, etc. But you are correct BIG time on Two key things: "Training," and brains. Knowing your equipment and understanding it, and being familiar enough to use it in a split second (training) is essential. I've known a few people who buy a scope simply because "well the reticle is green and it looks cool." But if you ask them why it is good or how it works, there's nothing tangible answered on how it functions or if it is reliable. Good video.
  • @malittle04
    One of the lead developers of the ACOG left Trijcon and went on to develop with Browne Optical. The BCO is a battery powered optic with a 2-3 inch eye relief and takes up 1 inch less of rail space. Like to hear thoughts from anyone who has used that optic. Just seen reviews from other youtubers and read stats.
  • @charlesludwig9173
    The ACOG’s short eye relief is by design a means to reduce parallax, which could be up to 18 inches at 600 meters if sight alignment is not consistent. So, anchor eyeball to eyepiece relationship with a muscularly relaxed stock weld for best results on mid range targets.
  • The ACOG was an amazing upgrade for the corps. When coupled with the early OIF programs like Combat Hunter it was a life saver. It is rugged and has few moving parts which was helpful for people who are hard on gear (grunts). CQB to 800yds she always performed but it required ton of training to be first round consistent. Love the review brother. Keep them coming.
  • @mattstuart9696
    You're videos become more of a cinematic masterpiece each time you drop a new one and I'm here to say that I love it. Keep it up brother.
  • @joalmeria891
    "Targets don't stand still. Targets move, people don't want to die." Such an underrated quote XD
  • @timblack6422
    Love the ACOG. Wasn’t sure when I first got it issued… ended up loving it so much that I bought the same style when I retired out. Much preferred over the M68
  • @wayneleadbetter
    Hi, from across the Pond in the UK, I watch everything you do. I am ex-military and I love the break down of the guns you review. Most of all I love the fact that you do a full disclosure from the beginning. Your honesty is a breath of fresh air! 😀🔫🔫🔫🔫🎖️
  • This is one of your best good mix of simple oversight with just a touch of the technical. I wish we had this ability here in Australia
  • @eliwatson7936
    You forgot to mention the advantage that an acog gives you when spawnpeeking with an MP5
  • ACOG's are durable in the extreme, I used one and I like them. You get used to the fixed power and you work with it, plus its powered by the sun. It's an outstanding piece of general issue equipment. I may be a product of my time but I like the ACOG's and Aimpoints.