I cut my bangs at home

Published 2023-12-02
Here is a full bang trim and layer touchup haircut that I did as an amateur at home! This was not my first time cutting my own bangs, I've been cutting my own bangs since 2020 during the pandemic. In this video I go through the entire haircut from conceptualizing the shape of my bangs to styling my bangs and adding a little makeup for the final look.

My hair type is wavy, 2a/2b (depending on whether and humidity) and it dries well without product.

Shampoo/Conditioner I used: NuWash

Full disclosure, I am NOT a professional hair stylist. I learned to cut my own bangs at home during COVID from a bang cutting tutorial I purchased from Professional Hairstylist, Jayne Matthews.
If you want to follow the tutorial I learned from, check out @jayne_edosalon

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  • I love the way you cut and styled your bangs/fringe and layered in the sides! I learned a lot from your technique! Thank you!