I Got Arrested...AGAIN!

Published 2023-03-16
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In today's episode of the Cousins Chronicles,
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All Comments (21)
  • Thee BlackBadger
    This may be the only dude I know who can make legit clean funny pranks ! Don’t have to do the most to be funny and prank people ! You the GOAT !
  • ambrewski
    No matter how disrespectful the cops were Jidion refused to flex, slander, and break character. True master.
  • sfx
    Jidion and his cameraman is a unstoppable duo 🤣
  • Neti
    Jokes aside, it was very sweet to see how some people were willing to help out what they thought was a distressed old man.
  • amo3zing
    i love how he has not a worry on his mind
    "we got it all taken care of and we'll drop some mugshot merch"
  • 8th Day Adventist
    You can get kicked out for filming, but they can't stop you filming.
  • Melt
    The phone call is the funniest thing ever LMAO
  • Gavin
    This man never fails to make me laugh “please help I’m a fellow munch”
  • Con.
    Bro I KNEW JiDion WOULD GET IN LEGAL TROUBLE. The things this man does to keep his content going is absolutely insane.
  • John Lee
    The guy's smile at 8:40 is just killing me. He is so happy to be witnessing this in person.
  • TheSxlencer
    Can't believe he stays in character while getting arrested🤣this dude is a legend
  • Devlon
    I just love how JiDion always tries to defend Vito and always get him out of trouble
  • Danny Kim
    Vitto a legend for staying recording
  • matt
    There is no youtuber like JiDion anymore, dedicated to his fans and willing to do anything, as well as those cameramen
  • JustAUsername
    I love how the dude with the orange shirt just calmly puts his hands up while we got a “elderly man” screaming in pain
  • Unbelievable
    The amount of confidence he has for these videos is insane
  • Awkward
    This goes to show how much of a committed youtuber this man is, thanks for the dedication my guy.
  • Isak Thorne
    It’s amazing how the camera man still managed to capture that much of the arrest footage
  • Bcoo
    Even arrested he still doesn't break character What a legend