NOCEBO Trailer (2022) Eva Green, Mark Strong, Thriller

Published 2022-10-03

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  • @PeBoVision
    The world will be a richer place when we fully recognize and appreciate Eva Green's considerable thespian gifts (and classic movie-star beauty). She repeatedly astonishes.
  • @kaineuler
    Chai literally starred with Eva Green and Mark Strong in a major role, and nobody batted an eye. Liza Soberano barely made a movie with a minor role and everyone's gone nuts! People gotta appreciate the real talent here.
  • @emilio1969
    Chai Fonacier (born December 25, 1996) is a Filipina actress, singer, writer and songwriter. She is magnificent in this movie. I hope she makes more movies for world-wide release.
  • @chasehedges6775
    Eva Green is a treasure and Mark Strong is a fantastic actor
  • @tjetjemot
    why isnt she a bigger star already? she's great in every role she's in. daring, sensual, charismatic.
  • Green as performer gets more and more dialed in to full spectrum characterization as she ages. She is up there in nuance in similar ways to Naomi Watts.🥂
  • @angiepigar6571
    Ah, it's finally here!!! As a Filipina, and a huge fan of Eva Green, I am stoked!!!
  • @debacled4408
    I saw Eva Green in the thumbnail and immediately said "ok I'm gonna watch that".
  • @thePHreview
    Just finished watching ,This movie needs more recognition. Actually a good movie. Chai fonacier and eva green are phenomenal in this.
  • @rebeccam.s.1565
    LOVE Eva Green! She's amazing. Mark Strong is also an excellent actor. I will watch this due to them both! Looks intense!
  • Done streaming this! Highly recommended Film 💯 So so good. The plot twist threw me out of the windoww! Not to mention, Filipino Bisaya Peeps, represent!🔥💪 Chai Fonacier with Eva Green and Mark Strong feels so natural. If it was me, I'd seriously go ballistic having these hollywood legends!
  • @amityville768
    Plot twist: we're gaslighted into thinking the maid is evil but its the husband whos trying to hurt her and the maid was protecting her all along and turns out its about women supporting women
  • @kahilass5218
    I'm a huge fan of Greens then they add a Filipino actress on a major role God the casting was a big blessing. The movie was 🔥
  • @letterstoalice
    The horror movies hollywood's been coming out with so far are amazing!
  • @brakeduster
    That looks cool! Eva's a very talented actress, so I'm in!
  • @gurujr
    Yeah, another Eva Green movie. She knows how to pick the movies she does.
  • @Pogueconductor
    I can't belive i ever thought Eva Green was a bad actress. It took one scene in Penny Dreadful to show me how wrong I was. I am glad I know better now