Identity In Christ | I AM Affirmations From The Bible | Healing Affirmations | 12 HOUR LOOP

Published 2020-07-09
HEALING AFFIRMATIONS! There is almost nothing more powerful than knowing (and reminding yourself daily) EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST! Play this video a little bit or a lot every day to encourage your spirit and to know & become who Jesus says you are! SUBSCRIBE:

This is the 12 HOUR LOOP version. The original 1 hour version of this video is right here

0:00 - INTRO
11:34:21 - PRAYER
11:35:25 - CHALLENGE

Bible Affirmations read peacefully and powerfully over instrumental worship music.

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All Comments (21)
  • THE LONG AWAITED 12 HOUR VERSION OF OUR 1 HOUR I AM AFFIRMATIONS FROM THE BIBLE VIDEO :) Type your prayer request & location (state and/or country) in the comments and reply with a prayer to a few other people’s prayer requests as well! SUBSCRIBE THIS MINISTRY RUNS ON DONATIONS (and of course the Spirit of God) Lord, bring Heavenly health, healing, & peace in Jesus' name! Let's chat & pray for each other here in the comments! WATCH THIS VIDEO NEXT BLESSINGS!
  • Angela Nelson
    Please pray for me to be delivered from fear,depression,mental illness,emotions and deliverance in my mind.Thank you God bless you and heal you too.
  • Natalie50sd
    Fear and anxiety nearly killed me, my blood pressure was through the roof, I landed in hospital but had little relief, I was too scarred to go to sleep, until a friend suggested "soakstream" it has revolutionized my life. THANK YOU so much and bless you for making these videos.
  • I woke up this morning unable to breathe. I was suffocating from anxiety. Then I found this and I slept like a baby. Thank you!
  • Crocs96
    I wish I can like this a thousand times! Thank you SOAKSTREAM for creating this every morning I listen to the affirmations and thanks to that Satan does not have his way with me. When I feel worthless I listen to this exact video and I remember once again I don’t have to gain the approval of others because I am already worthy in the eyes of Jesus. Please pray that I can be content and joyful in my own journey of self acceptance. Amen.
  • Alison Meakin
    I have been struggling where I am living after two RESIDENTS died in less than a week. I played this as I slept last night and went to local park and spent four hours just having quality time with my Creator. This will be my daily routine for the foreseeable future.
    Thank you as this video has turned my darkness into light 💡
  • Rhonda Martin
    I pray for my daughters eyes and heart to be open to who she is in Christ Jesus, Transform her into the woman you called her to be, Send a Godly example to my Grandsons, Keilend and Jeremiah: so they will know what a "MAN OF GOD IS, I thank him for his Grace, Love and Mercy, Amen
  • Christina Torrio
    I’m currently working in a rehab facility an in the works of getting my self established to take on my six kids an raise them the right way I have overcome the insanity that being active addiction an I’m 150 days sober an couldn’t reach to this step in my life without God . Bless pray that I can continue my journey and reach to getting an taking care of my six children . Please pray for me an mother’s an fathers just like me . Pray that addiction will not win anymore
  • Christlike Kids!
    HALLELUJAH! There is NOTHING like keeping our IDENTITY IN CHRIST right in front of us every day. This is amazing!
  • If we only knew who Jesus says we are, deep down in our souls, every day, always walking in the love, authority, freedom, and calling He speaks over us. Play this every morning and every night until these Truths are permanent in your mind, heart, spirit, and perspective. Leave Jessica & I any prayer requests you have so that we can be praying for you, with you, and over you. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Blessings IN CHRIST!
    Please pray for my aunt who has Cancer. Today she was told that's it's nothing else they can do.

    But...I rebuke that in Jesus Name. She shall Live and not Die.

    Thank you very much😊

    God Bless your ministry 😇.
  • Samuel C
    Amen 🙏🏽 Godbless you all . Iam a Pastor in United States ( New Jersey ) my Name is Samuel Praying for all Pastors and churches for Guidance and wisdom in the times we’re living in . For Gods healing hands on us all in Jesus Name! Godbless you all ! Jesus is coming soon
  • Mary B
    Lord bless everyone that comes across this video. Thank you Lord for your blessings upon us. Thank you for being our creator n father. Nothing is impossible thru you Lord. In Jesus name we pray AMEN
  • LiFEstyle Merch
    You never know what somebody else might be going through, so true. let's share this as much as we can because people are suffering in silence without us know, and this can help them so much. Lord put it in front of the right people as we share it through facebook, email, text, and person to person.
  • Jesusgirl 4life
    Prayer to never lose my identity in Christ Jesus. To fall deeper in love with my Lord God King Jesus. To tell my testimony. Thank you family. I love you all.
  • Débora Ramos
    Please pray for my boyfriend Joel he is suffering with depression for years! He's now a believer and I believe he'll be set free in Jesus name so please help us in prayer, God bless you all ❤️
  • This is wonderful! And the music and waves in the background is beautiful. I am a new subscriber from the far South of New Zealand. Please pray for me to be healed of chronic sickness and emotional wounds. God bless you !!!! May everyone on this channel be totally healed, delivered, set free and made whole in the Mighty Name of Jesus!!!!! AMEN
  • Beverly361961
    This has soothed my soul. God Bless one and all.