Monster Chopper Finished Exhaust and Steering!

Published 2024-02-09

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  • @Grimm-Gaming
    I still think you really really really need a rear fender so you don't die
  • @weldeddaydreams
    As a fellow garage engineer youtuber, i appreciate the judicious use of technical measurements like "smidgeon" and "plenty".
  • "Adds a ton of strength in a twisty-this-way-direction, which is good" is my favorite engineering quote of the month!
  • @Shredderof_POWDA
    I just realized how far behind these videos are. I live in Idaho about 45 minutes away from these guys. Our cold snap(negative temps) happened back in mid December/early January. It's been 40' for the last month+ lol. That snow is pretty much gone now. Keep up the great content guys!
  • @carson901
    I have a tip regarding the steering ratio. It is common on large cargo bikes like urban arrow to have a higher rate of turning for the front wheel compared to the steering angle, because the wheel sits so much in front. This is a trick to make it feel as if the front wheel is in line with the handlebar axis for a more natural feel. The way it is now how Ethan explains it at 32:43 is actually opposite and make the front less responsive. Granted that now there is more leverage to move the wheel, however the geometry of leaning and steering into a turn will be off and actually harder to control. Have a look, hope it helps! Love the build❤
  • @frostykyogre
    Out of all the builds, I want this one to just be clear coated over the raw steel when it's done the most.
  • @pan6593
    Not watching your channel too regularly, though I always enjoy it. This episode however is exceptionally well photographed, lighted and edited (including the music choices). Respect! Having a 2nd thought about it, I think it is actually among YT’s finest!
  • I know no one but you, and your colleagues (but really you), knows how much time, effort and sweat has gone into this build. Well, we see a fraction of it, but you know what we see most? The fact that you're a brilliant engineer. Splendid job brother!
  • @newt2010
    I am a senior process specialist for robotics company, and my background is robotic welding, and have been in manufacturing and doing that for almost 30 years now. I have a small shop and I’m a hobbyist and always trying to build things myself, but have never tackled anything like the projects you guys do. You are one hell of a backyard fabricator and I always love and appreciate your videos. Cheers.
  • @FarmerFpv
    Rounding the tires is the key ingredient. When I built my electric bike with truck tires I had to round them out and it made all the difference from unrideable to super easy to ride. That is also a lot of rake angle which will make it hard to steer, because of the tire's contact patch being increased and the geometry of more leaning the tire rather than steering it.
  • @kevinbarrett9615
    Next level fabrication and engineering, SEMA worth build ! One of the coolest projects on YouTube.
  • I'm so glad you mentioned rounding the profile of the tires. From the very beginning all I could think of was that you really needed to cut off those square shoulder lugs. There's a reason why going double dark doesn't mean 2 car tires. You have to have rounded profile, especially on the front tire! Great build. Can't wait to see the powered riding attempts.
  • @tobyb2503
    I love the way Ethan thinks about both aesthetics and functionality, he is both an artist and an engineer all rolled into one. It's a beautiful machine!
  • Fortnine just made a video about motorcycle steering and the huge relevance of roundness of tyres in motorcycles. Having said that, it looks like mounting both single arms on the same side of the wheels will result in an asymmetric axial load in both axles, instinctively, I'd say that would result in what we are seeing here, a natural lean of the motorcycle to the left. An absolute beast of a build nonetheless.
  • @shanebep3135
    Those high ceilings in the shop are perfect for a light grid, you could get all the lighting you need without having to set up and take down light stands. Same set up as a studio would have 🖤
  • @T313COmun1s7
    Dude, the amount of design work and engineering you appear to be doing in your head is astounding. It is like you just have a instinctual level of understanding of physics in a way that is absolutely incredible. Most people can't look at a set of gears and tell you which direction a gear will turn based on any other gear (even though that is just counting odd or even) and you are pulling things out of your head that the rest of us would not even know where to find the formulas for. I hope you understand just how gifted you actually are.
  • @Eric-gi9kg
    I was reflecting on how far you guys have come in the last couple of years. From the Barbie car to a monster bike. The increments of knowledge, experience, and production is beyond the scale of AWESOME. Even the quality of the videography is off the chart.
  • Love how Ethan is making functioning art and will and the homies are just like “let’s put a V8 in a fridge with wheels!” Great content across the board.
  • @heepstuff2868
    One of the first things I thought of early in the build, was that it might have been better to build the swing arms on opposite sides to try to balance the weight distribution. The "test rolls" seem to potentially validate that. But, it's still a really cool project, and with some power behind it, it may behave a bit better, as you take advantage of the centrifugal force trying to keep it upright.