This dog’s reaction going to a chiropractor is hilarious 😂 @Boneshands

Published 2022-11-22

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  • This dog has been raised with unquestioned love. Look at the amount of trust he has with chiro doctor. Totally relatable
  • Gaby Golden
    The dog’s reaction was priceless. The smile he gave the chiropractor is so cute
  • BadFunny
    He’s like “oh shi what just happened”
  • Katz
    After the shock of what just happened, you can see just how relaxed he became in his eyes. Instant relief. 😊
  • Frummel
    I know how that dog feels, had my neck cracked before. Scary and heavenly at the same time
  • Martin Gallo
    What a great trusting dog you could tell by the look on his face.that he felt relief.
  • Jay Nicky
    😂😂😂 awww the dog look so cute after he heard a cracks. Omg his reaction big eyes
  • Apolaki PH
    Gotta give credits to the owner. That's a well behaved boy, letting him touch him like that and smiling after was adorable.
  • s sarkine
    the dogs like: 👁️👄👁️
    "thanks. I can't tell if I'm dead, but I feel better."
  • Geek
    That face, doggo was wondering if I just got transported to the pearly gates.
  • Carmen Renee
    The kiss from the chiropractor is what warms my heart. ♥️
  • That is too good! The expression on the dogs face, and that smile, said it all. Amazing!
  • Nezuko_Chan
    The fact that he looked at him like “I never knew I could move freely.”
  • Day
    He was probably thinking, am I still alive? Is this heaven…😂❤