How To Cut Your Own Bangs/Fringe at Home!

Published 2013-01-18
New version on how to cut your own bangs! ! -

**To those saying I'm talking too much, I do realize that and I'm really sorry! I do have a newer version you can check out right here - . The reason I was talking so much is so that you can really understand how I'm cutting them. But I do realize it's too much talking! Thanks for watching! :)

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Hey everyone! I hope this video helps you achieve cutting your own bangs at home! If it does, let me know! Just a little disclaimer, this is how I do mine. It works well for me, but there are other ways to do it i'm sure! I hope this helps you! :)

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All Comments (21)
  • gmk2mom
    I'm almost 40 and haven't had bangs in over 20 years. I found your video and it helped me so much! I am mixed (Black and Asian) and was glad that your methods worked for my hair type. Took me no time at all to cut the perfect bangs and not look like a kid. Thanks doll, I plan to check out your other videos for other ideas.
  • nekoyinyang
    I just did my bangs using your tutorial. They turned out so cute! I did the side pieces like you did too. So many tutorials I came across had those scissors that cut layers or whatever and I just had plain hair scissors. Thanks! <3
  • Sharon Rigsby
    Great video!!! I just now cut my six year old daughter's hair to give her bangs, and I was really scared of screwing it up. However, thanks to you, it came out fantastic! Thank you!!!
  • Martha B
    Your video is great! Thank you for being so detailed. This is the first time I ever do something to my hair on my own (and I took the risk on New Year's eve!) And I really love the way they came out.
  • I always screw my bangs up and get that "gappy" look every time I cut them so I youtubed how to cut bangs and yours was the first video.  I watched the video, then went into the bathroom and tried it out.  They came out very cute, straight, and symmetrical, just like a professional cut. The trick was in cutting up into them rather than straight across.  As I was doing that, like you demonstrated in the video I realized I remember countless times, watching the hair stylists do it that way, but I guess it just never stuck.  Thank you so much! 
  • Bethanie Grinage
    This video definitely helped me a lot! I used to have bangs almost a year ago and they had grown out past my chin. After watching this video I had successfully brought my fringe back! A thousand thanks to you for walking me through the process. Your hair is unbelievably gorgeous and yes, it looked a lot different after the bangs but very beautiful!
  • Sapphire Chick
    I just tried this and I have to say THANK YOU!! It worked well and your instructions were fast easy and simple. Ur the best😊
  • BareCookieNuts
    This is the clearest, most approachable and reassuring DIY fringe tutorial I've seen! The technique is direct and doesn't mystify me like the twist and cut method 🙌 Thank you for posting 😁
  • suziesshorts
    This tutorial really helped me a lot getting the right portions of my hair to cut. Since I'm taking chances on a new look, I love how you explained every detail of it before just getting straight to snipping it off. This hairstyle worked out perfectly since I'm always on the go and need to keep my hair tied up. Thanks so much!
  • Lady_bakes_a_lot
    This was super helpful - thank you for putting this tutorial together! I like the face framing look with the graduating bang length out toward the sides. The step where you bring half the bangs (and the longer side piece) to the opposite side and then cut is a simple but brilliant step.
  • marie deveso
    I was going to go to my hairdressers to have my bangs trimmed, I watched your video and decided to follow your directions. My bangs turned  the way I wanted them too. I appreciate you taking the time to do this,  thanks so much.
  • Carrie Trimby
    Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial! I cut a fringe for myself using your advice and I love it. P.S You look beautiful with or without a fringe <3
  • Nicknames
    OMG WOW!!! Your bangs turned out PERFECT! :) Thank you I'm gonna cut my own bangs for the first time and hopefully it's turn out OK... :3 WISH ME LUCK
  • LadyKiwi
    I know this was made a couple of years ago, but I want to let you know that I love your tutorial! It is one of the best I’ve watched (and one of my favorites). You did an amazing job on it and on your hair! I love your hair.
    I actually appreciate how much you talked. You explained things very well, with attention to detail and a smile. :)
    Thank you for making this video and for having a positive attitude. <3
  • itsjoanne.x
    Wow girl, your fringe looks amazing! You explained in such great detail which is definitely needed if people don't know what they are doing :) xx
  • Kat Sokol
    This tutorial was amazing! I never tried cutting my own bangs at home. But i was in a pinch and wanted to freshen it up and you explained it great. It came out just like my hair dresser does my bangs in the salon. Thank you!
  • Annie
    Thank you for this video! I used all of your tricks to cut my bangs and I am super happy with the result! It was really helpful :) xx
  • Adriana Rivera
    Amazing tutorial been wanting to cut my own bangs for years cause they grow so fast and this helped me a lot come out better than I expected for my first time cutting them on my own thank you so much great explanation!
  • Shriti Munshi
    Hey! I was searching for a good video with a detailed explanation and this was just perfect! I managed to cut my bangs with shaking hands and it did take me a good one hour (lol!) but the result turned out to be great! Thank you so much! Cheers!
  • Unknown Geek
    Your fringe is lovely! I already had a straight across fringe but it grew out, so I tried these tips and trimmed it- I am so happy! I went for having longer pieces at the sides too but I had them longer ( a bit past my chin)