A Navy SEAL Reveals How To Survive An Active Shooter

Published 2019-12-24
Retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson shares tips on how to survive an active shooter.

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Clint Emerson

All Comments (21)
  • Allieytri
    Ah yes, my back to school essentials are now complete
  • Amy Jo Buchanan
    I love this. This guy is so straightforward and very clear and he literally makes me feel like i could do something like this if I had to.
    Run hide fight in no particular order, my senses and assessment of the situation will determine which order those things come.
    This guy is probably saving someone's life one day with this video. Run, hide, fight. Fight for your life, your level of violence and aggression will have to be higher than the shooter's. Fight for your life. It will depend on it. I don't think I ever will forget this
  • andy bosik
    I used to live in Arizona and I took many firearms training classes including an advanced pistol class. One of the scenarios in that class we trained-for is firing at a moving target. Let me tell you that even for someone like myself who has had lots of firearms training, one of the most difficult things to do is to hit a moving target. That experience taught me that if I ever find myself in the unfortunate situation of having an active shooter, and if I am unable to conceal myself in a safe position, I will make-sure to move-around alot, because unless the shooter is well-trained, my chances of survival increase greatly as I make myself a difficult to hit target. Even if the shooter is well-equiped, chances-are they have had little to no firearms training for the specific scenario of trying to hit a moving target. Most people if they had any firearms training at all, only were shooting at stationary targets which can be challenging enough for beginners. But very few people even firearms enthusiasts have had training to accurately hit moving targets which is very difficult to do without specific training.
  • WardenWX
    I would like to note, there is no such thing in as 'fighting dirty' in a scenario like this. He hints at it, but neutralizing the shooter practically means ending the shooter. I don't know about laws pertaining to using their gun against them, but if it's your life, defend it.
  • lou bock
    High respect for this Navy Seal, lots of helpful information and advice. This will save many lives, thank you!
  • Honey Is Natural
    I’m a flight attendant. It’s our job image life or death scenarios upon every single landing just incase. Always know your exits, plans and commands. Love how he mentioned you’re adrenaline and using strength you’ve never used before. This video helped the edge off my heart. GodBless❤️
  • Xelsia
    This is probably gonna save someone's life one day.
  • Justgivememakeup
    I am a mass shooting survivor and oddly enough I followed all of these tips because my instinct and adrenaline took over, although we couldn’t find the shooter or where he was shooting from... and I am sure it saved my life and the life of a couple others as well!!
  • Isa x
    this has happened 3 times in my college, I ended up leaving colleges in total and didn't go back until I was able to overcome that fear, ever since then, in any place, i always look for an exit or somewhere that no one can find someone in. Never want to be in this situation ever again. It's not fair that innocent lives have to put up with people who don't get the help
  • donny07
    This will definitely help someone live on day. I had my entire family watch it. Thank you for taking the time to share this. You are a true hero. Thank you for your service. God bless.
  • I watched this a couple of years ago. Since then there’s been mass shootings nearly everyday in the USA. Uvalde, TX was about a week ago. 21 people killed, trapped in a room. This is good advice to review and practice.
  • Gail Viel
    Thank you so much for this! It’s so sad that we have to watch a video like this and pay attention to specific details, but unfortunately this is the way of our world! I’m going to send this to everyone I know, and I will continue to watch your videos! Also, I want to thank you for your service!
  • Pac1fic0
    I hope none of us are ever in such a situation 🙏
  • Star HR
    Listening to this brought tears to my eyes. It made it so real and raw that i could picture what it would feel like and how terrifying it would be. Thank you for this video.
  • One the most concise, no BS vids on the subject. For serious self-defenders, Krav Maga taught me violent, gross motor skills that I can easily and confidently use even in my late 60's. Unlike the more demanding, less practical Karate I studied as a young man, I felt capable of putting up a serious defense in about 6 months training once a week in Krav. Unlike martial arts, it is specifically designed for serious defense against violet attackers, applying gross moves that come naturally under stress. Peace.
  • My dad was a pre-teen when the Nazis rolled over his country. As an adult he always checked out the exits and knew his escape plan in a public place...he was very nervous to sit in the center of a large auditorium and avoided it if at all possible.
    Watching this video started my heart racing. This is real information needed in today's society. You always hope and pray you never run into a situation but no one is exempt.
    I often worry about this happening and wonder if I could protect my loved ones and myself. You never know how you will react to adrenaline unless you have ever ran for your life.
  • Thank you for the guidance. It’s sad this sort of video needs to exist.

    I have a friend who has a mental disorder that causes paranoia and anxiety. We’d go out to eat and she’d suddenly say “someone could come in here and start shooting at us.” We would all tell her ‘no, we’re safe. That won’t happen.’ That was several years ago. Now it feels like she has a point and you can’t argue it.
  • Patty West
    We need Navy Seals to train the police force. I truly believe all teachers should also get this training.