Bastille — Exile (Taylor Swift Cover) | LIVE Performance | Alt Nation | SiriusXM

Published 2022-02-03
Bastille performs a cover of Taylor Swift's "Exile" live for SiriusXM's Alt Nation.

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Bastille — Exile (Taylor Swift Cover) | LIVE Performance | Alt Nation | SiriusXM
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All Comments (21)
  • @whenlohaz
    Dan 🤝 me trying to sing both Taylor’s and Bon Iver’s voices
  • @hanningy
    this feels like my youth is coming to meet my midlife crisis. i adore it.
  • Now I want Taylor to do a collab with Bastille. This will be amazing because both artists are fantastic
  • this is literally insane, not only one of my fave artists covering another of my faves but this sounds fucking amazing. im so in love with this cover <3
  • I guess that Dan can cover literally every song in the world and sound divinely 😍
  • @amieofrain1804
    i’ve said this before and i’m going to say it again: everything bastille touches turns into gold. in this case, exile as it is was already great but he took it into an entirely different direction. i love him sm.
  • @joshazriel8007
    I want a Bastille and Bon Iver song ... It would be very well written!!!!
  • @irlcamila
    as an old bastille enthusiast and a current taylor one ,, this made me very happy
  • bro crossover of my LIFE. Taylor Swift was the only artist I really listened to for several years of my childhood and then when I started finding new music, it was Bastille. :')
  • Exile came on shuffle on my ride home from work and suddenly I remembered this and couldn't stop the grin on my face just remembering Dan trying to do both vocals at the end. Relatable. 3:39 also "gever nave a warning sign" same
  • @kenknolljr1
    Fucking nailed it. I love the way you dig into the bass notes and blast off on the bridge. Great piano and vocal choices. Masterful cover.
  • @alineluz8429
    I lost count of how many times I've watched this video.
  • @captainayaaya28
    And now I want Dan to collab with Taylor. Maybe in a Speak Now vault track, on a song like Long Live or Innocent?
  • @cowboylike_zoe
    this the most confident i’ve seen dan in a live lounge and i’m very happy for him
  • the words Bastille and Taylor Swift in one caption? My worlds are colliding!!!!!!!!!
  • @Sam-ns1en
    one of my favorite songs covered by one of my favorite artists 💛💛💛 thank you, i really loved this!
  • @iDavidVeiga
    And when you love both artists? How do you feel? I feel like I'm in Heaven! 😍