Daydream Believer!

Published 2023-11-28
Most of us grew up watching The Monkees on TV, but who were they outside of their hit television show? In this episode we talk about some of the 'behind the music' details that a lot of people don't know!

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  • @woolhat1
    Geez, first time in years I ever seen a fun group of guys hanging out.
  • @woolhat1
    The Monkees were artist of the year in 1967. They still hold the record for the fastest three #1 albums and the fastest four #1 albums. They were not allowed to play by contract. Before The Monkees, Tork was a classical pianist, (Bach), banjo, bass, guitar, etc. Nesmith had a few singles out and Linda Ronstadt did Different drum written by Nesmith. Dolenz was a guitarist and recorded a single. Davy Jones was a Broadway performer and had a single and an album out. The last episode of the first season actually showed the Monkees playing live.
  • @woolhat1
    Every Monkees album had songs written by at least one member, usually Nesmith who had two tracks per album that he was a part of.