Game Theory: Don’t o̸̦͑p̷̖͝Ë̵̟́n̶͖̚ T̶̲͂H̷̍é̵̡ d̴̡̡̛͍͉͖̻̩͈͛̃̉̒̾̓͂̚͜Ǫ̴̹͍̦̝̙̰͆͌́ǫ̴̨̨̢̦͕̙̻̰̗̳̑Ȓ̶͔̼͝

Published 2023-01-28
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Friends, today we’re taking a dive into the dark world of Doors. One of Roblox's most successful horror games, and boy is it RIPE for the picking. There's lore being seeded here that I think will pay off big time for the HOTEL + Update. So come on in and remember, no matter what you do… DON’T open the door.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Tom Robinson
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, AbsolutePixel, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman

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All Comments (21)
  • Budge Plays
    I like how mat hasn't even completed door 100 but still makes a theory.
  • Blitz
    Matpat never ceases to amaze me with his theories. If its a roblox game, horror game or even a picture, lore is there.
  • Toe jammer
    Matpat can literally extracts every atom of lore in a game. I have no idea how
  • Shadow Plays
    I've learned so much more history from Matpat during these theories than from school history class
  • Alp Soup
    With how one of Doors's paintings is called "Theory" and depicts GTLive's ever-popular couch as well as the decorated wall behind it, I wonder if the creator(s) ever imagined that their creation would have a Game Theory dedicated to it, let alone multiple of them.
  • Greg the Dice
    I like how MatPat always releases the theories right when something new gets added/releases
  • Syrup Snake
    Notice how the cross also doesn't capture Seek or Figure, it's because they're both living beings, not spirits. Seek may be another homunculus.
  • Bickel47
    What i enjoy about it is its basically just spooky's jumpscare mansion, but heavily cranked up to the max difficulty
  • Doors was one of the first horror games to legitimately scare me. It’s kinda funny to see matpat now making a run-through of this game now.
  • Huggy wuggy ll
    Mattpat once said “ a game isn’t a game until game theory has solved the lore”
  • camwyn256
    Back in the day, hotels had a cheaper rate for a "common room" which was just a bunch of beds in a large room that was shared
  • Divine
    The fact MatPat pointed out the FNAF timeline and saying “if you’re lore gets simple, theories get faster” is hilarious
  • Seaborn Gaming
    With the newest update, we really are starting to see how the lore is is coming together. It is interesting to see the special room and The Backroom area. It is also interesting to see the different tone of emotion with the different texts when you are in the Hotel or the main rooms.I can’t wait to learn more about the entities themselves.
  • Chomtube
    I approve about the fact that figure isn’t a demon, because in the game if you use the cross on him (at door 100 of course) it only stops him for a moment, but doesn’t kill him.
  • TheAdvertisement
    This feels like Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion, but with even more of the puzzle elements.
  • Squidy
    The fact that alberts face was able to get into a game theory is just so godly
  • Charles Springer
    I have a theory to go along with mat's evidence, so after the courtyard things get crazy. I believe that the courtyard symbolizes that the guiding light can't protect you anymore.
  • EndermanPierce
    Knowing that the update came out only a few hours later that this video did, I can feel Matpat’s anger!
  • Seppe Hooft
    I wonder if sometimes developers look at Mat making a 30 min lore video about an object and the developers are like no… it just looked cool. 😂