This robot works as a waiter at a restaurant and is hilarious 😂

Published 2022-11-21

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  • Eva Aucoin
    “Don’t block my way, please! I have to work otherwise I’ll be fired!”
    - Coming from the teachers pet in front of the class
  • LittleMissRay
    5 yo me starting to cry because of how "harsh" that scolding was
  • lexy that's me.
    « bitch you better back up or imma be thrown in the trash »
  • Joyfactors
    How can a robot’s voice be so aDoRablE 🥰
  • So stressed out at such a young age. Hope he gets a promotion soon.
  • Matsuo Tanuki
    "Otherwise, I'll be fired...."

    "Silly, how can a robot be fir---"

    "From a cannon!"
  • hey bestie
    Thats so cute he said it so politely but stressed and annoyed as if it really felt something😭😭💀💀😂😂
    edit: pls excuse my pronoun reference to the robot I’m just used to classifying anything with pronouns that aren’t “it” plus you guys don’t have to get mad or annoyed idk over these things
    also notice how I called it an “it” AND a “he” and acknowledged that ITS feelings weren’t real but sounded real
  • Crxamsicel6
    am i the only one that thinks he's so cute 😭😭 like his little voice is so adorable
  • he was way too polite 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I was expecting a Karen response aaaahhhhhh
  • døge bruh
    “You’re laughing? A robot is going to get fired because of you, and you’re laughing?”
  • mangosaurus
    I mean, when robots take over, we need someone to be that one passive-aggressive coworker
  • I I I
    I want a Jamaican version of this robot 🤣
  • Mawi Hatzaw
    "I'll be fired"
    So kind and sounded angry but so wise🤭