Deep Springs College: Higher education on a remote ranch

Published 2022-07-21
For two years, students live on a remote ranch in California, where drinking is forbidden and they’re required to perform at least 20 hours of labor per week, on top of a full course load. Jon Wertheim reports.

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All Comments (21)
  • Unknown T
    I think this is a wonderful alternative to the traditional college experience. They're taught skills that they'll never get anywhere else. Bravo. I probably wouldn't fit in, but if my kids ever told me they wanted to attend here, I would be all for it.
  • lgarcia67
    I think we need more of these throughout the country. I went to visit different college campuses with my son. I found absolutely appalling that they all looked like vacation resorts with these magnificent gyms and different amenities. Crazy. Kids should go there to learn and end up going to a place that looks more like a vacation spa. No wonder it’s so expensive; that is actually what we are paying for.
  • Sarita
    one of the best stories; all college students should be a part of something like this
  • Chippies121
    What an amazing experience full of life lessons would we all have if we all could this for the first two years of college/uni.
  • Mila V
    I really enjoyed it. The fact that these bright students have chosen this remote location to experience "real life" instead of other places more according with their capacities, it is marvellous to me. I wish I could have had that kind of education. I have none. By the way, I'm glad that now women are allowed too! This experience is very valuable to them, I am completely sure. I guess that most of them are happy with their choice.
    Congratulations to 60 Minutes Australia to make me find out about the place. Thank you!
  • Elise Scarpa
    If I had the chance to this instead of my college, I would have gone. ❤️
  • Arnold Oliver
    If I would have known about this college several years ago I would leave Chicago and go their in a heartbeat. We definitely need more colleges like this absolutely
  • slitor
    Reminds me a lot of the concepts of "Folk Education", or what is known as the Grundtvig Programme. Which is very popular in Scandinavia and Germany(probably elsewhere).
    It's mostly considered a "Saabatical" year, you take during "highschool" (16 - 19), not usually as a college pre-course as done here, but those exist to.

    I took a year of "Folkehøyskole"(Folk High School) when I was 17-18 and while we didn't grow our own crops, we did have weekly rotating duties like dish cleanup, swabbing one of the classroom and bi-weekly duties for our own dorm-hallway and a meeting of all the residences of said hallway.

    The academics part wasn't very high stakes, it does ammount to some credits and will help somewhat in university admission.
    But the courses and study time were more worthwhile if you were really focused and engaged to expand your own field of interest.(unfortunatly for me that was the year I decided to try to go without ADHD meds so *TBFHlllts!*)
  • Lost
    Looks wonderful! What a beautiful place! What a view on life that is priceless to survival. Knowledge everywhere, from everyone.....nurtures the spirit and soul as one grows with a varied education and breadth of knowledge which is priceless! Kitchen labor and proper cleaning is important! Vital! Work with Grandmas and Grandpas!
  • Yvonne Murray
    I just found a genie on our Florida beach…my wish was that my grandson and and his best friend could qualify for this two year program… awesome concept. Keep on keeping on ❣️
  • Joey Koo
    This feels like a sort of modern-day monasticism. So interesting and compelling.
  • Tex Rex
    I didn’t see a single student staring at their phone. My mind is blown. 🤯
  • Ono T
    Wow, 60 Minutes sure has changed. I like it. As for this college, if the best of the brightest choose this, there is something so right about it. Half of my life was learning useless information that didn't feed my natural talents. Competition does not help develop good people.
  • John Rigola
    I visited the place back in 1993. It was great! I had some food, played with the dogs and collected chicken eggs. Probably one of the most memorable days of my life.
  • Atmywindow1
    One does not need to be in this type of isolated ranch to learn about real life experience, life skills, and leadership skills. One can work 20+hrs and still attend a fulltime school, like UC Berkeley, Harvard, and etc. I had to work during all my college years to support myself because I became an orphan before college. I had worked nights and weekends while earning my BA at UCLA and during another 3 &1/2 yrs fulltime intensive graduate degree. I also had worked 40+hrs in my very busy profession during my doctorate. A real life experience and leadership skills come from actually working and living in the real world while dealing with the challenges of real working people outside of the protective college environment. This isolated ranch is still just another school for kids who don't have to work to survive.
  • John Talmage
    Just look at that sparkle in the young woman's eyes when she talks about the hard work of moving cattle on horseback.

    I've done it once myself, and it's all I can think of when I daydream
  • Ralphieboy
    There needs to be more of these, but for high school.