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Published 2021-05-12
I might pull up on you with the Ghost Busters
Chasing Dead President$ - White House Ghost Hunter
Tool on the belt Ready to handle shit: No plumber
The day i get OVER you's the day you will Go UNDER!

You thought lightning struck NOPE that's the blunt I roll thunder
Stacks! On the dinner table Money is what killed my hunger
She turned my morning wood into Edible Lumber
So I let her memorize all of my Debit Numbers!

Fuxk it I might wife it I'm joking lying
Hit it back from the back made her growl like hungry lion
Or should I say Lioness - Tell me the truth and the whole Truth!
They ain't ever stopped lying They're just lying less

Tell my competition that I'm fired up and they're fire-Less
Not only are you not surviving - You ain't even dying less
Life's a test Pass with flying colors That's what I attest
Hit your chest Hit your neck and head with gunfire
You died a mess Died before your time before fame
Died Anonymous - Lucky because they kill friends and those who post your Homages
Cannot save the youth the problem is:
On a Map - They point out the trap houses not the colleges

/hook x1/

© Clxs - January 2021

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