NFL 360: Women In Football Special | I AM WOMAN

Published 2023-03-20

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  • @TjDprod
    Y’all gotta stop reposting this 💀
  • @Larry11181
    I’m so done with promoting women is male sports. I also don’t like men is women’s sports. Enjoy what you enjoy but leave women’s spaces to be for women and men’s spaces to be for men. Let’s celebrate them both and recognize the differences. Wait… that’s racist, sexist, or something that I shouldn’t have stated. I don’t know why but it has to be offensive to someone.
  • @Takeda10K
    signs At least the comments will give me a chuckle.
  • @4thlord51
    This is equivalent to pornhub making a promo for their blind viewers.
  • @Riclmnopp
    What does Roe v Wade have to do with football?
  • @tjp5083
    What is the purpose of this.
  • So.. what is the point of this video. What I am getting out of it is that women want to sound big
  • @TheWoys
    Thought this was a Matt Walsh doc for a sec
  • @peaber69
    NFL who is this for? what are you doing. stop. makes me irrationally mad at women lol
  • 0:10 When a person asks a dumb question like this, you know society has drifted "far" from the Bible.