NFL 360: Women In Football Special | I AM WOMAN

Published 2023-03-20

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    Moral of the story, if you want to know if a woman is lying just let her speak for more than a minute. Also, it’s okay. There’s plenty of companies and people willing to pander to her lies.
  • CaM newton: it's just so interesting to hear a female talk about routes like " 😅
    Thank u cam
  • Patrick Bateman
    I don’t know what a woman is, I’m not a biologist.
  • Jack Metrro
    For me if a girl even so much as knows a tiny bit about football that's hella attractive and cool. I wish I could sit down with women and talk football like with my brother or others
  • Mr Wright
    I’m so done with promoting women is male sports. I also don’t like men is women’s sports.

    Enjoy what you enjoy but leave women’s spaces to be for women and men’s spaces to be for men. Let’s celebrate them both and recognize the differences.

    Wait… that’s racist, sexist, or something that I shouldn’t have stated.

    I don’t know why but it has to be offensive to someone.
  • Mark Birmingham
    So if you’re a woman who doesn’t believe there’s is a Constitutional right to have an abortion you’re not a real woman? Tell that to ACB who is a mother of 7. By my lights it’s a perverse message to send to young women that they need the ability to hire a Dr to terminate their unborn children in order to flourish in society. Seems like a patriarchal anti female stance to take. Ultimately, I just don’t see how abortion & women in football are connected.
  • Making money is an action. Keeping money is a behavior, but "Growing money is wisdom"
  • Joe Blue
    I still think about the no call PI in the Saints-Rams game. Not a fan of either team. What the hell was that about?
  • Sweet Peach
    This is the definition of virtue signaling
  • Jsyd
    I’m a coach. I’ve coached women’s track nearly 25 years. Where are you going with this? There is no endgame here. I’m watching women’s basketball, they “try” to fight more than the men do. Can’t throw a punch but ready to wreck shop.
    I don’t like this even if it’s what you like to do. I know what it takes to play this game . It’s not for every MAN and damn sure not for women.
    The Bills Safety laying out no pulse on the field. You think your daughter can play football. Need to stop the madness
  • SandraDianaBell
    I really enjoyed this lovely well-made video. It's an encouraging tool for girls and young women who want to get into flag football! Just like females play all other sports, it should be encouraged to play this sport as well, if they chose!
  • Takeda 10K
    At least the comments will give me a chuckle.
  • Melvin Roper
    For those wondering, this video has 123 likes to 616 dislikes 💀
  • Tony Paella
    Lmao they deleted my comment because i was complaining about posting political woke stuff like this video on a football channel. Everything was respectful, the replies were too, most agreed with me, but they still deleted it. So I'll say it again: stop ramming those issues down people's throat while they're trying to unwind from the realities of this world. It's football, it's about entertainment. Not the "serious stuff". Let's watch them delete my comment again. Posturing as virtuous people and deleting respectfully dissenting comments at the same time. Good job.

    Edit: i just noticed I was able to dislike the video... Again. So I guess they also deleted my dislike. So here it goes again.
  • Ashlynne Shain
    I love talking football with men. At first they roll their eyes thinking she’s a girl she doesn’t know anything but then leaving them stunned when I know more stats then they do. 😏Raised on football baby!!! ✌️
  • 4thlord51
    This is equivalent to pornhub making a promo for their blind viewers.
  • High Medic
    If only the NFL grabbed the best athletes rather than just men.
    “What does it mean to be a woman?” “Everything. 😂😂.