2 DAYS on Rocky Mountaineer's LUXURY TRAIN "Rockies to Red Rocks" 🇺🇸

Published 2022-06-18
Welcome onboard an incredible Luxury Train through some of the most spectacular landscapes in the USA. This is 2 Days on the Rocky Mountaineer's new Rockies to Red Rocks route in the United States!

If you’re thinking of taking an unforgettable train journey, watch this first! With its unmatched scenery, the Rocky Mountaineer’s Rockies to Red Rocks luxury train should find its way onto your bucket list.

Even though Rocky Mountaineer has been around since the 1990’s, this is their first Luxury Train in the United States!

In this video, we’ll travel from Denver from Moab, Utah and Arches National Park onboard this incredible Luxury Train in their premium Rocky Mountaineer Silverleaf Plus class of service. You’ll see the Luxury Train features available on this train along with the Luxury Train Food! We’ll also take in some of the incredible sights on this Luxury Train trip.

You’ll see the sights, the food, and gain insight into what it’s like to travel on the newest Luxury Train in the United States: Rocky Mountaineer’s Rockies to Red Rocks.

0:00 Introduction
1:39 Day One on the Rocky Mountaineer Rockies to Red Rocks
19:12 Day Two on the Rocky Mountaineer Rockies to Red Rocks
28:33 Bloopers

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All Comments (21)
  • dwftube
    Props for making people aware of both options along this route and what the benefits of the more expensive option are. Breathtaking scenery.
  • margaret walsh
    Jeb is the best in the biz with these videos. They are fun , informative, and always done with a quality above others. Thanks Jeb! Please keep up the good work!
  • Ella's Mommy
    I used to live in Denver and many other CO counties. And I seriously want to take this trip. I love a good road trip but I can't imagine anything more relaxing than this. I would love to go through Moffat tunnel. The business with the train cars filled with concrete I thought was really interesting. And the wind does get pretty insane
  • David Wolf
    Oh, gosh... you both make this journey so much fun to witness. FYI... I will be doing my own booking on the Rocky Mountaineer for the fall season. Thanks so much, Jeb & Suzanne!
  • Patrick V..
    Loved the video. Never knew it was possible to go to Moab by train. Love to do this sometime. Could you elaborate a bit on how you continued your travel from the final stop near Moab to Moab and the national park itself? Are you able to rent a car somewhere?
  • Justin Carroll
    Awesome, reminds me of the Glacier Express train through the Alps. I wish trains would get popular again in America like they are in Europe and Japan. I think one problem is we don't have high speed trains in America (other than the Boston to D.C. Acela). Trains are better than driving and especially buses. Buses suck.
  • Angus McDonald
    Rocky Mountaineer is a new train tour that I was unaware of. Looks like it's awesome other than waiting on the freight traffic even if was expected. Glad they brought the service to the US.
  • Selvaraj Abraham
    You two are indeed made for each other! God bless. More than watching your rail journey, we watched you two with jealous eyes!! No we are seniors, loved watching you laugh together ...we will wait for another you two trip, so long..
  • J. Lewis
    I've been on that route twice, once in each direction on the CZ, as recently as last November. The scenery is simply spectacular! That train looks like a real dream ride. Great video, thanks!
  • mysticpluck8
    I love the train. This looks like a wonderful trip!
  • Lynn St.Aubin
    My grandson and I were fortunate enough to be on the inaugural run of this trip. I had Rocky Mountaineer on my bucket list for at least 12 years. When I couldn’t travel into Canada last year, and this trip popped up…had to do it. We were not disappointed.
    You really did a great job of getting the adventure on video.
  • Jared Peterson
    Wow, beautiful. I’ve always wanted to take a train, just never had much reason. This looks like a lot of fun. I wouldn’t mind the delays one bit, as a matter of fact, with good company, the longer the delay the better.
  • Mrs Always Right
    Can we all appreciate the fact that Jeb never disappointed us with his content. 😊😊😊
  • tomattime
    Another utterly delightful episode. Having travelled on the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada, this looks so inviting
  • Geoffrey W
    THIS is the kind of train I have been waiting for in the United States. I'd love to take a train like this from Los Angeles to the Coachella Valley or to Las Vegas (maybe not) or San Francisco. All should have been bullet train projects, but I wouldn't mind the slower pace for that kind of experience.
  • Son of Liberty
    I hadn't heard of this train or this route. Imagine my surprise when I saw the picture of scenery from the area I grew up, and see a train on what I thought to be an abandoned or rarely used track. Growing up in Moab, I never would have dreamed it would be a tourist train destination.
  • Richard Andrews
    I took a road trip from the east coast to the Arizona. We saw these beautiful views, and I will NEVER forget it, and want to go again. I would absolutely love to use this service. It’s a shame so many people don’t know about this and other services. On a side note. I hope the windows are UV protected. I doubt it, but I really want to know. I would be stressing putting on sunblock the entire trip LOL
  • Wing Walker
    My Grandpa named Howard Chandler retired the California Zephyr from Denver. He has his 65 year senior pen from the Rio Grande. I and my brother were fortunate enough to get to take a ride with him before he passed on. This is the best video of a nice way to relax when traveling. Great video. He would love this modern train.
  • Patricia Craven
    The Rocky Mountain scenery never gets old...so true! I'm so grateful that the California Zephyr goes through the same scenery for a really economical price. I've been on it both directions four times (and 9 times driving back and forth since 1971) - living in Denver and visiting my children in Northern California. Just love the ride, the history, the trees, the mountains, rocks, peaks, mesas, and the Hoo Doos near and in Utah. Thanks for a GREAT video !
  • Scott Anthony
    This video was amazing!!! Makes you really appreciate all that Doc Durant / Bohannan did at Hell on Wheels to get this road completed… work well spent! This train just got added to my bucket list!