17. Carthage - Empire of the Phoenicians

Published 2023-06-18
Buried beneath the city streets of the Tunisian capital of Tunis, an ancient city lies forgotten...

In this episode, we look at one of the most dramatic stories to come down to us from the ancient world: the rise and fall of the empire of Carthage. Find out how this city rose out of the Phoenician states of the Eastern Mediterranean, and set out on voyages of discovery and settlement that put them at the centre of the ancient world. And hear how the city of Carthage was destroyed, and its memory nearly wiped from the earth.

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Written and produced by Paul Cooper
Sound engineering by Alexey Sibikin

3D recreations of Carthage by Faber-Courtial

Original music by Pavlos Kapralos: youtube.com/@pavloskapralos3969

Sass Hoory: percussion
Lelu Blesa: vocals
Anastasia Papadopoulou: vocals
June Filetti: oboe
Pavlos Kapralos: oud, vocals, flutes, instrument sampling and editing

Voice actors:

Michael Hajiantonis
Lachlan Lucas
Alexandra Boulton
Simon Jackson
Tom Marshall-Lee
Chris Harvey
Nick Denton
Paul Casselle

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  • @Alex-DML
    I was born and raised in San Fernando, a small city right next to Cadiz, I remember most of my childhood seeing the construction workers tearing up the roads to make space for the new tram system the city wanted to put, and how every few months they'd have to stop completely, because they kept finding archeological remains of Carthaginian burial sites, monuments, workshops etc. for context I think the construction started in the early 2000's and due to all the findings and subsequent excavations they only finished the tram a few years ago, right before the pandemic if I recall.

    As a kid, it always fascinated me to know that there was so much aincent history buried right beneath the streets of my hometown, but I couldn't really get much info about the people who made their living here millenia ago since the only mentions of Carthage in school were only when they taught us a very basic overview of the Punic Wars. Thank you for putting out such a comprehensive, detailed and immersive documentary on the People that have fascinated me since childhood
  • @DerHammerSpricht
    The format of narration in these docs is better than the golden age of history channel, and also more engaging than most movies on these subjects. I'm honored to have the ability to enjoy this.
  • @noradosmith
    Paul Cooper and his team deserve to have their work broadcast on the BBC. This is yet another brilliant work, thank you!
  • I listen to these while I fall asleep. It's like a movie in my mind that sets the stage for the dreams I have of the past, of the history so many civilizations have had. This is by far my favorite documentary series on youtube, ever. Thank you, Paul. Your hard work and quality history retellings just fascinate me.
  • @LordVader1094
    The visual versions of the podcast are what truly make these, the quality is astounding every time
  • for the last three years I've been really sick, and on top of that, something happened recently that completely destroyed my life even more. I just want to say thank you, with all my heart, because your documentaries are practically the only thing I can enjoy nowadays. I think i've seen each of your episodes more than 30 times and they always calm me and show me how ephemeral everything is, and on the top of that I also love history so much. Thank you for what you do Paul, yours are truly the best documentaries on youtube
  • @khodotany
    I am Lebanese. And this is by far the most informative and educating video I have ever came across all over the internet!!!! Thank you so much for making this masterpiece!!!!!
  • @Akkolon
    I love this podcast. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone who likes history. Paul and the people behind him are true hero´s of knowledge mediation and history.
  • @ChineseKiwi
    Here have some more of my money for being the best history channel on Youtube. The research, the professionalism and care for the cultures you talk about, the amazing storytelling, the amazing visuals and even your calm soothing voiceover!
  • @VladoMitkov
    Patiently waiting for the next episode while rewatching the full series for the n-th time. Thank you for your amazing work! As a Bulgarian, I'd love a future episode on the Thracians.
  • @dukecity7688
    Carthage is a subject I can never learn enough about. It's only been three years since I got interested in ancient history. Someone gave me my first lap top. I've watched many, many programs about Carthage. None came close to this. It's the most comprehensive study put on video I've ever seen. It's thrilling. Thank you very much.
  • @McAnespie505
    Thank you Paul for blessing us with another outstanding documentary. You’ve changed the game when it comes to documenting ancient civilisations!
  • The description of the loss of the Carthaginian records is moving. The entire thing is extremely well done. Bravo!
  • @colephelps6202
    The combination of narration, hand-drawn maps, satellite photo reference, site photos and ancient texts is FIRE. It makes the history so easy to follow.
  • @Aramigo123
    Outstanding, as usual. The first time i've watched instead of just listening as a podcast, and I am blown away. A+
  • @rupnishadas9814
    I've been waiting for this video for ages. The Phoenicians are such an anomaly and I know no one could map their empire out like you can ❤
    Lots of love
  • Carthage is one of my absolute favorite ancient civilizations. I was so excited when I listened to the audio version of this, and I'm STOKED for the video version. Thanks so much for all you do! I recommend your channel to all of my friends.
  • @barbecueman6352
    Paul you may not read this comment but I want to say that the production quality and effort put into your documentaries makes me feel blessed to be privy to such history. Thank you.
  • @mdq.music.
    One of the most breathtaking documentaries I’ve seen in my life.