Autumn Forest Ambience 360° Relaxation - 1 Hour

Published 2019-10-20
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Autumn Forest Ambience 360° Relaxation - 1 Hour. Enjoy this hour long 360° video of fall in the forest. Have a look all around you as the leaves fall gently to the ground. Listen as the wind blows through the trees.
Here we tried something a little different using a 360° camera, the Insta360 One X, on a nice and windy fall day. To see the full view, use the controller in the upper left corner if your on a desktop, or just move your phone if your on a mobile.

Some may find the sound of the wind blowing through the trees to produce a relaxing white noise. This sound and video may be helpful for relaxation, forest bathing, insomnia, stress relief, soothing anxiety, or blocking out background noise. Hope you enjoy it!

All video and audio recorded by Ambience in a wooded area of Wisconsin. Copyright © Ambience 2019 - All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction of this video/audio is prohibited without the consent of Ambience YouTube Channel.

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  • Hi, nice to meet you. Very nice sound and footage. I will play the full video in the background while I sleep. Thank you!
  • @TravelwithTommy
    Wow great 360 degree autumn forest ambience here my friend. So relaxing watching your wonderful video. Love your video.
  • @MissingHertz
    Wonderful autumn scenery and video! Thank you!!
  • Wonderful panoramic video! The full-immersion effect! 😍 I subscribed! 👍
  • This is fantastic. I love the autumn colors and the wind in the trees. Great audio too. Thanks. -H
  • @Hanna-Julius
    Fantastic view in the forest.
    Have a wonderful Autumn time and best wishes 🌻🎶🍁🌾🍂🎶🌻, Julius and Hanna
  • So as much as it's a great video and relaxing am I the only person too see a person move behind the trees at 51.20 I mean I don't know if it's the person that filmed this it's at the bottom of the log
  • @liquid79
    Where are you hiding Ambience? 🧐
  • Autumn is my favorite season of the year... Thanks, friend. Total relaxation...!!!
    Peaceful feeling. Awesome 360 view of fall. Nice place. ✌️
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