We Went Back To School...

Published 2022-08-11
We pretend to be back in School. It was incredible.
another vlog next week!

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  • @Slimecicle
    As an American it was really mind-opening to participate in this 100% accurate recreation of the British school system
  • @jenniferdisney2768
    Everyone's roles
    Wilber: Teacher Pet
    Tommy: Class Clown
    Charlie: The Nerd
    Freddie: Just Wants to Pass
    Bill: Bully
    Ranboo: Bully's Side Kick
  • @B4si7
    10:08 I know I'm 7 months late but does anybody feel a bit happy when Tommy whispers about Hamilton to Wilbur. It's like 2 siblings sharing something they both like with each other.
  • @hot_cheeto711
    I love how the whole time Ranboo and Bilzo are in the back, talking, smoking peach salts, being out of uniform, and acting just like all kids sat in the back of the class.
  • @brennen_14
    "Billzo is smoking my peach salts" THAT IS COMEDY RIGHT THERE
  • @iNabber
    this made me realize that james actually really looks like a GCSE history teacher
  • @Alien408_but_real
    as a victim of past teacher abuse (verbal) james does a terrifying and impressively good impression of abusive teachers
  • Charlie "Chad Bussy" Slimee: Goody two shoes new kid who befriends the stoner kids and decides to turn his life around, Wilbur is his new project
    Thomas "Tommy" Simons: Class clown who gets away with a lot of shit cuz he is friends with the back of the class kids, only in the front for Fred
    Wil Bear "Wilbur" Soot: Sheltered Christian kid who's parents kept him from maturing emotionally or mentally, has broken out of his shell and is having a crisis
    Freddie Badly: Normal one who is actually kinda weird, spiteful towards his classmates cuz he just wants to graduate, very petty
    Billy "Billzo" Zo and Ronald "Ranboo" Booth: The stoners who smoke bongs in the back, teachers have given up on them, are actually graduates who came back to torment their old sub
    Dr James Hilton: That one sub, students do their best to run him out of the school in tears

    Special shoutout
    Tubbo and Jack: Absent that day
  • Charlie: We passed!
    Everyone clapping
    James (the teacher): NO, maybe Wilbur! MAYBE!
    Wilbur: YAAAYYYYY!
    Wilbur running away flailing
  • @jasperdaCreep
  • @megtargett
    I love how at the start, Charlie was the teachers pet that always gets most things right. And then after break, he turns into a demon loving, drug doing naughty kid. A prime example of how people can change in 15 minutes
  • @M0psyd
    Ranboo and Bill are just an example of how kids at the back of the class get away with everything
  • @N0THERE1
    Charlie: The Quiet Kid Who Snapped
    Wilbur: The Sheltered Christan Kid
    Tommy: The Extroverted Class Clown
    Freddie: The Most Normal Kid In Class
    Bilzo: The Trouble Maker Kid
    Ranboo: The Trouble Maker's Sidekick
    James: THAT. TEACHER.
  • @KianStone._
    Why is no one talking about Wilbur just falling at 6:26?, that was fucking hilarious
  • @Rozbo
    10:51 Ranboo and Bilzo casually about to light the school on fire is amazing.
  • @carrot7868
    I love how even after getting through his character arc Charlie still remained some of his past qualities, like giving Tommy a chance to pass or always raising his hand before he talks.
  • @flora_7719
    I like how Ranboo and Bill's tomfoolery progressively gets more intense as the video goes on. It starts with whispering and ends with hard drugs
  • @oreo_orca9122
    I know that at 14:34 Wil was just acting as the Christian kid, but it was almost a wholesome, sweet moment when he leaned over and recommended an approach for soothing mourning. I know for others it’s seen as candid, satire, weird, and even inappropriate, but since he was just acting, the way he carefully leaned over and muttered to Toms was really sweet to me

    Don’t ask me why

    I need therapy