I Tried Walmart's Terrifying Metaverse Experience

Published 2022-11-22
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edited by Jake Mayer www.instagram.com/jakeshotfriend/

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All Comments (21)
  • @thatoneguy96
    Danny and drew both doing drastically strange things with their hair so people can finally tell them apart
  • Walmart referring to children as Young Shoppers feels so dystopian it's actually hilarious
  • Oh wow! As a British child I can finally experience the American shopping experience! I bet Walmart will 100% be looking like this in real life, how cool!
  • @qwertyboi7695
    danny looks like a military dad finally coming home to his children and trying to find a way to connect with them
  • @pleasence6297
    If you go to Walmart virtually then you'll miss out on that delicious stale cigarette smell as you walk into a real Walmart, and that's really a touch of charm I can't let go of.
  • @rocketpsyence
    There is no way in my wildest dreams as a kid I would have imagined fast forwarding to 2022 and watching a video on a tiny computer in my hand with Danny declaring he doesn't want Walmart talking to his fridge behind his back and me realizing that's a valid concern that some people have to have in these weird times
  • the most unrealistic part of this metaverse is the fact that their shelves are fully stocked and all the items are in the right place
  • @Geospasmic
    I was cracking up throughout the fake walkthrough. The cart and tv taking off to their new lives while we are left trapped in Walmart, truly dystopian
  • As someone who can’t do anything in VR without getting insanely nauseous, I absolutely cannot wait to virtually shop at Walmart while feeling horrible!
    LOVING that Danny fully believed they would sell pants and PANTS ONLY
  • "stop talking to my fridge behind my back" for me is really the phrase that sums up in what crazy world we are living
  • When I was working at Walmart we weren't allowed to fight the customers, but I'm happy to hear the company is finally listening to the requests of its employees.
  • I feel like the shorter call back jokes hit so much harder. I feel like Danny (and other commentary YouTubers) can sometimes kill a joke because they draw it out so much. Just that short little shot of the shopper guy staring despondently at his sinking shopping cart during the birth of his child had me rolling
  • No wonder Max gets on a Special Program every time he has a rerun, he's amazing <3 and his interactions with Patrick were super cute lol
    "I already feel kind of dystopian walking into a walmart in the real world" - too accurate
  • @Capin91
    I love how Noah clearly recorded that at like, his kitchen table. Someone really should’ve said ‘Hey, when you record this throw a colored sheet behind you and we’ll just key that out and b’bam you’re anywhere. Just def don’t wear all the same color as your background, whatever you do’😂
  • @Sar_bear
    The random person in the Roblox chat answering Danny's questions is the type of person that is the backbone of society.
  • I love that the whole point of the metaverse is to not interact with people by not being in a real Walmart, yet they made an employee talk to you constantly
  • @TheRegart
    Danny low-key looks like a frontman for a straight edge punk band, and I am here for it!