Complexity vs Depth | The Dichotomy of Game Design

Published 2022-11-24
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  • @EpicBros535
    My players love random effects, so I threw in a merchant who sells a potion of wild magic- when you drink it, you roll on both the Barbarian and Sorcerer wild magic table, designating yourself as the target for any spells cast this way. It's become the single most used item in the campaign, and since I also use the popular homebrew rule of "you can drink a potion as a bonus action", our barbarian has actually begun chugging the dang things to deliberately fish for the "you cast Fireball centered on yourself" effect. It's been a blast (metaphorically sadly, he has yet to get that effect)
  • @guts9043
    Nice video. It's always a good habit to define your terms when you plan on using them frequently, so I appreciate that you've taken care with that. I find it more important for people to be concerned about what they mean, rather than what they say, it helps avoid a lot of miscommunication. Keep up the good work!
  • A good way to homebrew is with sideways improvement. An example of this is I homebrewed true strike to target a creature of your choice within 30 feet. If you use it for yourself then it work exactly the same way but with this homebrew you can target an ally turning it into a support spell as a reliable way to give advantage to an ally without being in melee. Still not the best cantrip but it would also no longer be one of, if not, the worst cantrips in the game
  • @JesseCohoon
    I forget whether the DMG or the PBH has training rules for 280 days. To me, that's ridiculously long time. The play by post game I'm running is set in the future. Also, more or less in the "real world." People can learn things VERY quickly nowadays. I've gotten it down to a few rolls. If you don't pass, you can try again or maybe tomorrow. That makes any sort of learning WAY more accessible in my game.
    On the other hand, there's times where rolls backfired time and time and time again - and it took a half a year for the players to figure something out.
  • @kelpiekit4002
    Also be willing to move on to other games. Some people hack up dnd so much with homebrew in an attempt to make it a bad version of something that already exists.
  • @schemage2210
    Here's a horror story everyone should be familiar with; any time a DM attempts to change death saves, just because [insert flimsy, ill-considered reason here]!!!