Building Codes 101, Part II: ICC and Building Codes

Published 2011-07-06
Where the first part of this webinar series touched provided an overview of building codes, this second part focuses on the model codes provided by the International Code Council (ICC). It provides more specific information on ICC's family of codes and the methods used to create and modify them. It seeks to provide you with the information you need to make use of ICC's codes and participate in its code development process.

Through ICC's governmental process used to create the codes, and the three-year, multi-step consensus process used, it provides real examples of what goes into a code change proposal. The goal of this webinar is to provide you with the tools to participate by submitting proposals, participating in code action hearings, and offering public comments. It is fundamental background material for those who are planning to get involved in code development for the first time.

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  • smartin731
    I understand your concern - nobody likes to be told what to do. Problem is that firefighters are obligated to protect you and your structure and a poorly built building puts their lives in danger if it catches fire. Plus, if you move, the building doesn't go with you. It remains in the community for decades to come. So the community, and the next owners have an interest in knowing that it is a safe structure. The big question is where to draw the line on requirements...
  • Ali Abdou
    please I need IBC 2021 chapter 21 (masonry) PDF
  • Today is 3/27/2022 what happens if the foundation shifts and it's a rental property that gets rented out multiple times without ever fixing the foundation?