The Evolution Of MechaGodzilla (ANIMATED)

Published 2024-04-20
MechaGodzilla is one of Godzilla's legendary rivals, but how has his robotic double evolved? From Showa to Reiwa, let's explore its design, story, and unmatched abilities...animated! Plus, we throw in a bonus Tristar version and a little-known video game variant!

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Script, Design, and Animation:
Aaron Lecours

Script Revisions:
Gal Rigg-Anafi

Stanton Nichols

Music Used:

Opening Stinger:
Enuff Para Mi - Jingle Punks

Perfect Folk by Musicspace
(Code: 43263807 from AudioJungle)

End Slate:
Disco Cat - Komiku

Sounds Used With Credit (From Freesound):
87043 charge
174436 laser-gun-ice-beam
198840 atomic-gynt
257229 charging-power
323073 charge-laser
629532 blender
51468 missile-launch-2
95685 lightning2
128613 jetengine-loop2
167563 jet-whoosh
178186 camera-click_nikon
188873 slide-whistle
189736 bones-breaking
209073 blade-slice2
209489 zip
257229 charging-power
315918 electric-zap
361334 charge-up-shot
363544 inhale-gasp-scared
385013 heavy-dinosaur-footsteps-jurassic-park-water
423116 guns-explosions-album-heavy-object-impact-4
425327 electric-shock
441500 jet-bypass-02
444855 jet-bypass-03
505121 monster-roar-10
519627 tv-switch-off-tv-turn-off-tv-shutdown
524609 bone-crunch
620804 dirty-em-power-discharge-a
633870 monster-growl
633927 zip-sound

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Hey thanks for reading to the end of the description, mechanical characters are always harder to design and animate but I hope the extra time put into MechaG was worth it! Still need to cover many more Kaiju in the future :)

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  • @TellItAnimated
    ► More animations here, including more Kaiju!… ►► Finally covered Godzilla's Robotic Brother! What other Kaiju do you want to see in the future? ►►► Next up is a franchise that changed the landscape of movies, franchise filmmaking, and merchandising forever! -Aaron
  • @Bustos0719
    Kiryu's design has always been my favorite. It's what I imagine whenever I hear Mecha Godzilla.
  • @teamtrpt8216
    Cyber Godzilla is an underrated gem. The fact they took the hated Godzilla and made him that universe’s mechagodzilla and made his son the true Godzilla is a stroke of genius.
  • Dude. The fact that this channel especially loves all sorts of monsters and daikaiju, AND gets the many origins and such correct, really makes this one of my favorites.
  • @GabeDrawz973
    1:57 This Mechagodzilla evolution has to be my favorite Godzilla when it comes to evolution of robo-doppelgangers.
  • @GhidorahMight
    Showa mechagodzilla is my personal favourite kaiju design ever, it’s the perfect combination of cool and intimidating
  • @Vaseigon
    I’m happy that the Chibi MechaGodzillas were included in this video, didn’t think they’d be put in.
  • @glennprier4655
    Great work! I’d love to see a “tell it animated” evolution of Wolverine!
  • @FilmCore
    Mechagodzilla is the most GOATED Godzilla Monster CHANGE MY MIND (u can't bc I'm correct)! But haha Loved the animation like always my man! :D
  • @jotadio608
    This is what I've been waiting for since the OG Godzilla evolution animated😂😂😂
  • @GasinaTewam
    watching your videos always leaves me smarter and happier!
  • Out of all the robotic doppelgangers, Mecha G is one of the greatest. Kiryu and Monsterverse Mecha Gs were honestly so perfect as a robotic copy of Godzilla. My personal favourites.
  • @Miles-cy4sk
    OMG! yes about time I have waited for this for so long 😱😍