who is Kado Thorne? (Fortnite Season 4 Storyline)

Published 2023-08-31
- Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 4 and Kado Thorne Storyline is one of THE MOST Important storylines in Fortnite. They are the beginning of The Last Reality, and The Time Machine and Time Travel is our only Escape!

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All Comments (21)
  • @Scyan
    I worked so so sooooooo hard on this video. Really hope you enjoy it❤
  • @CRYPT1X_27
    My favorite part of this season was when Kado Thorne said "It’s Kadin Time" and kaded on everyone.
  • @Koers15
    I'm glad you think that the last reality is coming back. Maybe kado Thorne is using his time machine to escape the and relised that if we have the zero point if he comes to the loopers TLR will follow
  • @GwenStacy748
    There is something on the island it's the machine that Kato that he uses to travel between to other dimensions to bring back relics and valuables because the last season explains about the blood red moon and alone use the apparatus to summon Kato thorne he is going to turn to a vampire during Halloween.
  • @seanwilson531
    and the map. some matches, it gets slightly dimmer to the point where i can hardly see what's lurking in shadows. Is THAT the eclipse?
  • @lixxoid
    Thank you for making this video about him!!
  • @CRYPT1X_27
    Phew. At first I thought you were betraying Midas
  • @ryanfares263
    The Herald and the Inkquisitor are returning because in quests we must damage them this season so looks like The Last Reality is returning this season likely in Fortnite Mares
  • @Eternaltus
    I would love if Kado brings us weapons from the future like image of Kado Thorne had a mythic in his vault called The Legends Compact SMG it would build hype and tease upcoming skins and items
  • @jessicatrevathan
    Like I said back season 1 of this chapter , I had a bad feeling that the last reality would return, I know that feeling was telling me something, well we are toast.
  • @v1ct0rygames32
    Okay, so I've never been a fan of the "5 realities" theory... but that was some damn good evidence.
  • @sudzy8285
    So how did the new POIs arrive on the island? Am i the only one who doesnt understand how the new stuff even got on the island?
  • @Fluffy-the-Cat15
    You answered so many questions from previous seasons!
    I'm not kidding you're the best storyliner❤️
    Oh yeah what's better? The MEGA HOT graphics or Midasss
  • @comm4ndo571
    Yo, fitzy leakz made the coolest theory for chapter 5 map which is what if the chapter 5 map was underwater with a dome and then the map should be called Amphitrite and here is my theory for chapter 6: what if the Chapter 6 had a futuristic theme map if not then future chapter maps (that would’ve been so cool), and also the chapter 5 theme being a modern theme map.
  • My theory is that Dr slones plan is to steal the Time Machine and go back in time to the collision event and change the outcome to the IO winning. To keep Genos full reveal a thing for later I think he would still fall into the zero point. Now I think she would go to the moment when she was crushed by the tank and stops that from happening (by sabotaging the mech or something) so now the collider activates and boom the island is destroyed but not fully and the loop is intact. IO sets up military bases now that the seven is gone and there getting readings about the chrome coming so they can prepare and set up for it. Now I would think the Time Machine only works when something is blocking the sun. I think in the trailer it was the ice moon that blocked it. So it would be the cube cradle and the last reality that blocks the sun so while everyone is fighting outside Slone in useing the machine to set things right.