Published 2023-12-04
THE BREAK UP EPISODE!!! Kelsey finally tells us all about her break and it is a DEEP DIVE on emotional healing, rebranded trauma, and the pitfalls of fckng around with love ❤️ join Zach as he listens (with his jaw on the floor) to this epic story of love lost and growth gained

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  • @sophiekuhn5342
    I love your honest and accountable transparency about how horrible and activating breakups can be. I look up to you so much ❤ you are an awesome human
  • @PokhrajRoy.
    Kelsey has a Masterdoc on Sir and honestly, high time we checked that book out of the library.
  • @YaniTol
    HE DOESN'T LIKE HIPPO?!?! I literally gasped. Good riddance.
  • @KateKalnicki
    You were in a relationship with Sir, but he wasn't in a relationship with you... sending you all the healing vibes, Kelsey!! ❤
  • @sydnaps1995
    I’ve seen my best friend go through a breakup like this and she was so deep in grief. It’s horrible to end things like that with anybody people deserve the bare minimum of closure. It’s so cruel. Love you and hoping that the rest of your year and the next fills your heart up with so much love that this feels like a fleeting moment!
  • @graciehadlich
    Thank you for talking about this. I needed to hear this to help get over my past relationship ❤
  • @PokhrajRoy.
    Both of you make my Mondays better! Thank you ❤
  • @Lily-um9tj
    Kelsey needs to learn how to be single is what this sounds like. Im so sorry about the pain and the way you openly shared this is brave. This wasnt about her ex it was about something deeper. I wish you healing
  • @canttouchthis193
    I had an abrupt breakup happen a couple months ago and needed to hear this. Kelsey, I hope you know that your vulnerability and bravery helps so many people. I pray you find a true and genuine and kind love.
  • I acknowledge I am naive and not even close to mature enough to handle this situation cuz when I tell you I would've sprinted up to this man and his lover in the nighttime, right hook to the the throat and said "Aye baby back bitch man, your bitch behavior is messing with my bag. Retreat or nah?" And when he is unable to answer, due to trachea pain, continued "No? I should find a replacement?" and then walked the fuck away in finality. And that's on 5ft. no convictions...yet.

    I love you guys so much, cant wait to pre order the book Kelseyyyy girl I. see. youuu!!!! 👏👏👏❤❤❤
  • I have never watched the podcast but I listen on Spotify. As soon as you said he asked if you were spying on him I ran over here. He wishes but unlike him you respected him. I almost had second hand rage vomiting when I heard that.
  • @cassidybrewer
    You had me at Sir not liking Hippo. BIG NOPE 👎🏻
  • What would my bullet point be if I was dumped by my fiancé because he decided he couldn’t deal with the possibility of me developing a genetic degenerative neurological condition that runs in my family? We have different definitions of true love? 😩