Touring Georgia’s $80 Million Football Facilities! (2x National Champs)

Published 2023-03-17

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  • @fredb8707
    Dee is a vessel for American football, a walking monument. Dude had professional aspirations but didn’t know he would recieve something far greater… establishing himself as a pillar for the NFL slowly but surely. 🙌🏽🐐
  • @LanCorleone
    Respect to how you carved your path to profit off the NCAA despite them holding you back
  • @landonsheets5709
    As a Georgia fan it is so crazy to see one of your favorite YouTubers tour you dream college.
  • This man just keeps leveling up. It’s so crazy to see how far he has come.
  • @user1164
    Man dee is so inspirational doing these tours and giving backgrounds on these colleges and stuff. I really hope I get to meet him one day
  • @MalikYoutube
    All them boys full of personality haha. This was dope getting to see the behind the scenes, they definitely have all they need to succeed
  • @jacobwatson1406
    Kamari Lassiter is a beast he be lightin people up on the field he’ll prolly get drafted in the future same with Kendall Milton he be takin peoples ankles fr and Amarius Mims is a physical specimen he’s gonna be a future 1st round draft pick in the future love him bro he’s a GDD ❤️🖤🐶
  • @MalikYoutube
    This man Deestroying can literally bond and connect with anybody instantly. Dude just got a all around cool ass personality
  • @docsquish2331
    Kirby is a genius. He truly changed the culture at Georgia. I love my Dawgs.
  • @slimpickens9103
    Growing up not far from campus Georgia has grown exponentially upon Coach Smarts arrival. Heck even the towns gotten bigger and nicer. The football program literally helped build Athens. Titletown USA. Go dawgs, sic em!
  • @zachsutton231
    I feel like at this point Georgia and Bama is like an assembly line that churns out pros lol you of course have OSU and LSU, but Bama and Georgia seem to turn over entire units each year to the draft. Crazy shows the work and dedication passed down from class to class.
  • @kimiechandler
    Born and raised here watching the Dawgs my whole life!! Love going to Buttsmerer with the kids and seeing their faces looking at the trophies 🏆 Its always a win win Dawg day! Now that you been there they will have this to talk about on their tours ❤ pure excitement! Thanks Dee
  • @65jdp
    Dee is special. Kid has something everyone wants. Smarts, serious likeability, passion, and amazing delievery. BARK BARK friend. See you in The City of Angels soon. :)
  • @ducknado1416
    Just want to say you inspire me to work even harder to get to play at the top level of football and just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the motivation.
  • @wyattdowd7807
    Dude, I'm so happy this vid came out. I've been a dawg fan since birth and it's cool to see a deeper tour of the football facility (I got a short one from my dad's friend!!)
  • @johndelgado2398
    Videos like this keep me motivated.heading to my senior season with no offers but these vids keep me hungry appreciate it Dee 🙏🏽
  • @cvync3574
    Dee thanks for showing love to Athens man really appreciate it❤
  • @BlountForce
    Hey man, I’m an olddddddd subscriber of yours. Just wanted to say your content has improved a lot over the years. You’re doing solid work man. Glad the NCAA didn’t rob you of being able to follow your passion and dreams