Doja Cat - Agora Hills in the Live Lounge

Published 2023-10-26
Doja Cat performs Agora Hills in the Live Lounge, as part of a very special recording for Radio 1 in Los Angeles

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  • @Saintly1234
    Her voice change for Agora Hills from when she’s singing to rapping is Incredible.
  • @headoverdiors
    her breath control is phenomenal cuz that first verse be killing me 😭
  • @onetwome
    she’s going to slay the tour
  • @fusuoydamha4339
    Her actual voice : ♥️🥹✨🌜 Her rap voice : 💀💅🏻♟️⛓️
  • @DonnaMoran995
    Her breath control is amazing Doja Cat dun took off HAM ON THIS RIGHT HERE! a u t h e n t I c v i e w s dun took her career off 2 the next level fr fr no cap
  • @Raider1409
    Doja proved again that she’s a true musical talent. Love her
  • @snape2540
    She’s everything, so obsessed with her voice, visuals, fashion, artistry, talent and versatility. She’s a queen! Doja is a fckn QUEEN!
  • @armanimarcel301
    Doja can be a lot to understand sometimes, but we just have to admit and acknowledge her flow is unmatched, she does indeed have the whole package when it comes to performance and entertaining. Love the song and her showing another side to her again, she can’t be boxed when it comes to versatility.
  • @kishikcm
    Whew the live instruments, the band needs a raise 🔥 cant get enough of those drums and that bass guitar, must listen to this with headphones on. Her breath control is top notch!
  • @lvluxegirl
    love this song... her band and back up singers understood the assignment ❤
  • I love the fact how she held back the curses in first verse but fot the second one she let it all out❤😂
  • @mencot89
    the sound quality of this studio is so amazing. I wish I can see all my fave artists on here. Doja is amazing live!
  • @MissJ11111
    As a vocalist.. I can tell You.. this song takes mega voice control and concentration to sing live. Excellent job Doja.
  • I can see her creativity for using her "scarlet" and her pop era voice when they both keep alternating
  • @Missouttheway
    I love love love this song. It’s modern sexy. Idk how to describe. The second rap verse is so alluring. I can’t wait to hear her perform this song live more often. Love you Doja. You are a true artist. No one is like you.
  • @dianajaneiro7699
    I love "Agora Hills" it's a song that sometimes makes me feel like utopia 💕 and I cannot stop playing it one and other time