Seeking the Lord – Dr. Charles Stanley

Published 2021-08-20
For the lost, it is crucial to seek the Lord for salvation. However, for a believer, it is also vital that you spend time with the Father daily in order to grow in your relationship with Him and be conformed to the likeness of Jesus. But what exactly must you do to seek God? For more messages from Charles Stanley, including this week's broadcast, go to

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  • Bu Radley
    While I was listening to Charles Stanley preach, I was sitting here in pain. All of a sudden my knee popped, my foot cracked loud; & I was instantly healed from Sciatica.
    Thank you Jesus, that your WORD (Jesus) is still in the healing business.
  • Rainbow Rose
    He's so great at explaining and engaging people thank God.
  • Lornette Palmer
    Seeking the Lord is a fundamental part of my life. I cannot ever have or know enough of our Heavenly Father. There is always a hunger and desire for His word, to get to know Him more, and to have and maintain a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord. Thank you Pastor Stanley for teaching gospel truths🙏
  • hl bari
    Matthew 6 : 33
    But seek first the Kingdom of GOD and HIS Righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.
  • Zach Johns
    I love how Charles Stanley teaches the word of God. This world needs more teachers like Charles.
  • Kathryn Lebron
    "With God's through Christ I can seek Him with all my heart more than before"!!!!!!!
  • Dorothy Kirkwood
    Thank God for Pastor Stanley, he teaches sound doctrine from the word of God. He's such a blessing 🙌 🙏. 💓 to the body of Christ.
  • fondoftheduh
    These sermons are timeless. An absolute treasure that doesn't expire in our life time.
  • Jeanet Sivas
    I pray that every one would be able to access to messages like this. Dr.Stanley teaches God’s Word,He believes and lives it.Thank You Father for choosing him to teach Your Words to us.
  • JoyRen60
    God bless everyone watching and listening to this wonderful Word. Please pray for me. I feel as if I'm falling apart, even knowing the Lord as I do. Thank you.🙏
  • Michelle Brooks
    Powerful message for all of who seek the LORD thank you
  • keeda jackson
    Dr. Stanley you're such a real man of God ever since I've been listening to you for so many years you speak the truth you don't sugar coat it I learn so much from you and how to walk with God you are true blessing thank God that you allow him to use you in such a mighty way amen
  • John Eason
    I find such joy in listening to the teachings of Dr Stanley. It reminds and reassure me of the love of God. I trying everyday to seek God and HIS will.
    Thank you
  • Amen Dr Stanley ...I thank god that in my addiction to drugs that he has found me and brought me out of this struggle!. I am far from perfect, yet in this he has drawn me closer to him than i have ever been Hallelujah....Wise men......still seek him. May the glory of the lord be mightily upon you !
  • Megan Phillips
    It is important to always seek the lord, even when times are good and happy.
  • a child of God
    This is such a wonderful word and much needed for me. I’m a Christian, but I have seen that I have allowed even God’s blessings to make me comfortable and distract me from my relationship with Him. I love Him, and pray that God will help me to seek Him more and give me that desire to hunger and thirst more for Him. Always enjoy hearing Charles Stanley, now time to put this to action on my life.