Sam Smith - Unholy (ft. Kim Petras) (Lyric Video)

Published 2022-09-22

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  • CG5
    It’s just unholy how much of a hit this song is.
  • alttheidiot
    this song is criminally catchy, i can't stop playing it.
    If it's unholy to want a song with you, then I don't want to be holy.
  • Xavier
    Quem me dera um álbum inteiro com essa vibeeeee 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
  • TonyGloUTube
    The groove. The mood. The smart serious yet funny lyric. I am loving this song. And that animation of the word 'unholy' at the end is the sh*t. So damned clever and hilarious, rising like the 'member' of the protagonist daddy in this song as he's doing the unholy. And, then there is that last paragraph of the lyric morphing into the shape of what could be daddy's 'gun' ready to shoot off. Effin' crazy level of clever stuff going on here in terms of making the lyric text jibe with the song. Well done!
  • Joanna
    this song.... I can't described it. It's perfection. I will listen to it until I die and even after
  • Snory Story
    I can’t deny that I thought the backing track would sound filthier. It sounds so clean in comparison to the tiktok versions.
  • mllop aeet
    Essa é com tranquilidade uma das melhores músicas lançadas esse ano. QUE HINO
  • This song has lived rent free in my head since the first snippet and I've been listening to it off and on since it dropped earlier 🖤
  • Eu quase tive crises de ansiedade e a culpa foi sua, Sam Smith. Que música boa, valeu esperar
  • Weeks of waiting were worth it. This song is a f smash! I will become a hit quickly. Congrats Sam and Kim 🔥
  • The Boyfiee
    I wish I had a whole album with this vibee ❤️
  • Que música perfeita , a parte da Kim é de arrepiar de tão boa , Um das melhores músicas lançados de 2022 com toda Certeza, Preciso do Clipe !
  • Sam
    Essa música literalmente representa a tão abençoada família-tradicional-brasileira 😍🇧🇷
    (contém ironia)
  • Reia
    I was so worried the full version would disappoint but it's actually better. Worth the wait, worth the hype!