The Chef - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 32

Published 2023-09-16
Minecraft food is boring, time for an upgrade.


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Double Apple
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Brian Nguyen
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All Comments (21)
  • Love the fact that 5 highly skilled stickmen that probably went through one of the most life threatening events in their life can still loose to a humble chef.
  • @itsKorhal
    the fact that most of these recipes are right just proves how much time and effort alan puts into these animations for us. what a legend
  • @eze6907
    The amount of love and effort Alen puts into his videos is what makes him stand out amongst normal stickmen animations
  • I like how Green, the normally calm and 2nd most skilled of the group gets increasingly upset at how he has to put off eating until, eventually, he just punches the chef in the face and scarfs down food like an animal.
  • Can we just appreciate how much work and how amazing Alan’s animations are
  • @Dilan-lt5ve
    Cada Alan se supera a si mismo sus animaciones son increíbles y el tiempo que les da para cada uno demuestra lk mucho que se dedica a ellas.
  • @452pokemaster
    I love how blue is genuinely interested in the culinary arts while everyone else just wants something to eat.
  • @TITAN-lq4bk
    I really like how each of them has phobias and hobbies specific to their own interests, and how each of them has characteristics as if they were a real person. They learn every single feature like a living person, down to the smallest feature.
  • It's a nice piece of character development that TSC no longer tries to stop any of the others from leaving Alan's desktop, after the fight with red in the desert. In fact, it seems like he is fully on board with them going on cool adventures!
  • @Kratos7560
    Reminds me of the Farmer's Delight mod that adds not only new foods, but new food preparation techniques. (Even the skillet that can double as a good weapon too.)
  • @monkeyo5361
    A small detail I like about this episode is the fact that during the AVM season 3 in real time video we can actually see blue pick up the ramen recipe he makes in this episode, and although it’s brand new footage, the episode it originates from uploaded almost a year and a half ago and it really sets in the forshadowing of the series continuing on in such a unique way.
  • @TeslaX106
    I love how Blue has a profound revelation about the nature of being a chef and then Green just punches the guy for selling them an overpriced book cover, and the other 4 just chow down.
  • @gabriela294
    I really like the detail about the pizza toppings, each character have their own preferences based on their own lore. It gives so much personality to them.
  • @otton.6212
    As much as I love this episode, I couldn’t stop being bothered by the fancy food having more pixels than the rest of the items.
  • @gree4e4ka457
    Can we just respect, appreciate and like Alan Becker's work? Isn't this animation is amazing and smooth?
  • this was an exceptional way to display different cultures and their foods
  • One of the only minecraft animators that didn't become overly child friendly. Please never change Alan
  • @Kira-vc2ze
    If this season is actually about mods, there is soooooooo much open space here.
    Can't imagine what's gonna be next.