Timothy Jones Penalty Phase Day 3 Dr Donna Maddox

Published 2019-06-10

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  • Gwig
    This prosecutor is outstanding! Actually, the whole team is. The comments listed below are spot on.
  • liya zulu
    Dude I’d have someone look into this lady’s practice cause I think she’s the reason her patients are sick or not getting better cause listening to her is maddening right now
  • Dawn Isles
    Can we just admit in this world there are evil and cruel people who do unspeakable crimes to the most innocent and helpless among us. Yes he had issues but more likely then not drug induced. He deserves every bit of hell and pain coming his way.i wonder what those children's last seconds on earth, felt like as they gasped for air .I hope that's a feeling he feels drug free !!
  • Daisy May
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Prosector. A very handsome brainiac. Extremely talented. Awesome calm taking down of a shameless paid witness.
  • Paisley Szu Szu
    After listening to her I deserve MY Phd. and can probably diagnose Schizophrenia at Walmart
  • asamatteroffact
    Remember this song?
    Money Money Money!
    Some people got to have it
    Some people really need it
    do things, do things, do bad things with it...
    For the love of money
    People will steal from their mother....
    For the love of money
    People will rob their own brother....
    For the love of money...
    For that lean, mean, mean green
    Almighty dollar, money
    For the love of money
    People will lie, Lord, they will cheat
    For the love of money
    People don't care who they hurt or beat
    For the love of money
    A woman will sell her precious body
    For a small piece of paper it carries a lot of weight
    Call it lean, mean, mean green
    Almighty dollar
    Do funny things to some people...
    Give me a nickel, brother can you spare a dime
    Money can drive some people out of their minds...
  • Bunny R
    This guy is definitely borderline, has drug addiction, anger issues, misogynistic, but definitely not schizophrenic. He is smart enough to fake the delusions and voices. He wants to stay alive, so he takes the meds to keep up the charade, numb out what he has done to his children and deal with prison life.
  • Logan Hensley
    Funny how he reported symptoms and acted crazy right when it happened and didnt report or start acting crazy right before the trial and during the trial. Timothy is smarter than most of these people. He knows wtf hes doing and so do I!
  • Lisa Gower
    As a psych nurse, I don't agree with some of her statements about his treatment and about the mental ill population.
  • H H
    What in the voodoo, wizardry, junk psychiatry foolishness is going on with this defense bought ”expert”? The man is a stone cold killer! The prosecution counter was spectacular.
  • Deborah Boman
    I think this woman is an incredible but I think she hurt him badly when she revealed that immediately after he was arrested he scored so highly on an important test. He decompensated over the years as people tend to do in prison, especially when they have confessed to killing five children.
  • Samira
    l feel sorry for the patients of this doctor.
  • songbird singing
    boy, tim really was able to charm the ladies. there's one therapist, who he saw for marriage counseling, that appeared to have a crush on him. since he knows how to control women effectively, i wouldn't take their testimony seriously. he is successful at manipulating people.
  • Sheila Woods
  • Gwen Owens
    My brother has had schizophrenia since late teens, he is now 57. A lot of what the psychiatrist describes about the experience of someone whose symptoms of schizophrenia
  • Susan Sehorn
    So how many of these people including Doctors have sat in Court and listened to others testimony and testified right after them and said things to back each other up on Defense testimony. MANY!
    Why does this Judge ( as incompetent as he is) allow this?
  • Angela Brown
    But he had a memory just fine of what he did..
  • Carol Henderson
    Oh my God..... she loves this maniac! All his superior qualities! Clearly she’s loving the money she’s earning!
  • spottedbutt
    OMG she is pathetic, laughing and carrying on like this is a walk in the park😟