Published 2022-07-17

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  • Rifty
    that plot twist is better than most movies nowadays
  • I was wondering why Jimmy looked somewhat normal then I remembered this wasn’t Meat Canyon
  • Waffle_lord12
    That was one of the best terminator parodies I've ever seen on this platform. The music, the atmosphere, the animation. Just plain beautiful. Thank you Flashgitz for blessing my eyes with this amazing creation.
  • Parker Smith
    THIS IS THE FUTURE OF ANIMATION. Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Adult Swim could never have the creative freedoms these guys do and I can't wait to see more content like this.
  • Whaccd
    These animations never fail to deliver. Even better than what airs on TV most of the time.
  • fireblizard8366
    Some people act like Mr. Beast did this instead of helping to cure blindness.
  • FenneFluffy
    I love that they actually put effort into their sponsors, so they’re always just as funny as the actual video
  • Y Diesel
    I’d love to see a whole movie off this, it’s clever and more entertaining than half the crap Hollywood and Netflix has been pumping out lately
  • Companion Corbs
    Two things I need now:
    1. Mr Beast’s reaction to this
    2. Mr Beast to build a mad max style truck for launching shirts and TVs at folks
  • bpric13
    This is so much closer to reality than anyone realizes 😂
  • Pookie Poo
    When u know these guy's story of how they came to be you appreciate there stuff way more. These guys inspired me to not give up art.
  • Carl
    I'm so glad you guys are back. A breath of fresh air, thank you for being with us
  • Cymes
    I can't believe they got Mr. Beast to voice himself. Really shows you how much of a good sport he is.
  • Couch Time
    The amount of work put into this is phenomenal
  • Requiem17
    You guys always make me laugh, and the effort put into your sponsors is always worth a full watch. Keep it up!
  • aubrey smith
    This explains so much. "I m giving people who are blind surgeries to get their vision back" seemed so random but when you factor in that in the future "they take their eyes and hands to farm views" it all makes more sense.
  • EvilGoodGuy
    Me, a 32 year old adult: I still don't know who this Mr Beast guy is... And I'm ok with that.
    (Because I get all my pop culture news from FlashGitz like a true intellectual)
  • Nate Riley
    This voice acting evokes feelings of nostalgia I never knew were there. My time on Newgrounds as an adolescent was well spent.
  • Devin Stevens
    Probably one of the most accurate videos to date no disrespect to Mr. Beast but he truly is one with the algorithm.