Porsche Cayman GT4RS | Once in a Generation Experience

Published 2022-03-22
We do a complete first look and drive on the new Porsche Cayman 718 GT4RS that covers all of the engineering, design, and much more. This is likely going to be a classic car in 20 years, this is the peak of naturally aspirated engine technology. If you are in the market for a driver's car and you want a companion to your 911 GT3 this may be the best car available. Other cars to consider are BMW M5 CS, Lotus Emira, Audi R8, Mercedes AMG GT Coupe, and Corvette Z06.

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00:00 The Story
1:07 Interior and Exterior Impressions
3:04 Mechanical Impressions, Aero and Changes
4:28 Body, Brakes, and Suspension Changes
7:12 Transmission, Diff and Engine Discussion
9:11 Intake Design and Engineering
10:38 Driving Impressions
19:13 Final Thoughts

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  • @RossLH
    The first time Jack dropped the hammer and got it up to 9k, I made an audible noise that would best be spelled as "fwugh". Emotional is right...this car made me have an emotion through a 6" screen.
  • "So enough talk, drive!" *shows video of me holding a tumbleweed* Savage G̶e̶e̶s̶e̶ GOAT!
  • We are living in the reality where this got fully green lit through Porsche and into production. Wow
  • @fcyloh82
    The audio engineering going on behind the scenes to vividly capture the visceral sounds from the car ripping through the track deserves a lot of recognition!
  • @garysiu2838
    Whether you guys are reviewing a supercar or an econobox, the production is always top notch and the commentary always feels "car guy" genuine. Thank you and keep up the good work.
  • Savage Geese, IMO provides some the most technical and unbiased reviews available. Thank you for another well prepared, well presented and amazing review of this GT4 RS
  • 11:09 “Let me show you what this adds up to Mark” And then all hell broke loose. Brilliant. I am vicariously living through you two clowning around in a car I’ll never own or drive. All I can say is Thank You.
  • SG made me turn from a Porsche disliker into a Porsche fan. The production value, the raw, professional opinion on whichever the vehicle you are reviewing, and actual matters that matter to me(audio, sound isolation, reliability, fun, connectedness, how the car *feels*, the whole lot), just... Wow!
    - Thank you, you make my life more complete and may both of you always be in good terms. You are good men, too few left remaining in this world.
  • When I was young, our rich neighbour had many wonderful cars. I helped him maintain them and he took me with him for the rides. It was the gran turismo era, peoples where buying fast cars to cover long distances in minimal time, mechanical gems that where incredibly connected to you.
    I remember myself roaming our little mountain street as a passenger with our neighbour's Lamborghini Diablo, Espada, with the Ferrari F360... those where moments of pure bliss, just remembering them makes me tear up. If I had the money, I would buy myself this Cayman 718 GT4RS or an LFA in a heartbeat.
  • Clearly the best GT4 RS video out there by quite a margin. Well done, gentlemen.
  • WOW. That engine note gave me goosebumps despite my laptop's crappy speakers
  • @BemelGaming
    Perfection on video. 1 of those cars I'll remember this forever. Porsche is a manufacturer who knows what they do and who their demographic is. Yes their products do cost a lot of money but you're not just buying a car but a lifestyle. Nothing even comes close to the experience you're getting once you set foot inside a dealership! Thanks Mark an Jack for this feature. Once again it shows what you get when you bring your a-game to a manufacturer who actually cares!
  • @siko4biko
    The sound of the engine above 8500 RPM is mentally satisfying 👌
  • @Suction_
    I'm not a Porsche guy... That is, until now. The sound of this alone is bliss.

    Too bad it's worth a third of my house
  • @RiikuG
    I can’t wait to get to drive this thing, I work for a Porsche dealer who got a very large amount of allocations, the GT4/Spyder is already the car I would get out of anything in the Porsche range
  • @Azrael8
    The cinematography is absolutely next level. Great work!!!
  • Just hearing that engine note.. Man.. I get adrenaline rush.
  • Out of all the GT4RS videos uploaded, yours is the first I clicked on