Published 2023-03-16

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  • diana de lira
    danny is so thoughtful and sweet to everyone!!! this, crystals's surprise and then alex's birthday with the banda. he definitely goes above and beyond to make people happy. que dios te bendiga danny!!!!
  • Anel Abrego
    The love that you have for Les is amazing! It shows how proud you are of her, y’all are sibling goals 🫶🏼🤍
  • Joanna Chapa
    Lexi makes a great prank partner😂 It definitely made the prank more believable with her great acting skills, lol.
  • Cynthia Robles
    This is probably the best prank you’ve done just yet, Les was definitely freaking out! 😂😂😂
  • Jenjimoji
    I've seen Les cry plenty of times when she's very thankful and appreciative of everything her subscriber's have done for her.❤
  • Lesley Rubio
    Very dope video Danny ! Your creativity shows & the effort you put in your videos stand out 🤝 Loved Les reaction I know her heart was racing 100 miles per hour 🤣
  • Greysi P.
    I felt like I was riding with y’all,and I was just gasping the whole ride 😂 you are an amazing brother!!!
  • Loved it. It's a beautiful gesture from your part Danny. Of course, it needed the cash out touch. I'm so happy you guys continue to show each other your admiration for each other and how proud you are of each other.
  • Eslly Jeronimo
    I love how you involved us in the prank !!! Such a great big brother 🥹🥹LES needs her table 😂 she been saying it since the turkey video
  • This was So cool. Les called Danny babe at the lights when the road rage guy threw the water bottle. 😂Danny this was greatly thought out! You out did yourself!! ❤🎉
  • Edith Grajeda
    Les & lexi pushing their imaginary brakes 😂💀 loved the vlog it was such a nice gesture to do that for les 👏🏼❤️‍🔥
  • Loved it! I’m sure her heart was beating so fast! But had a good surprise in the end. Congratulations Les on your new brand. 🎉
  • Shelby
    Finally a prank that’s not staged af, I loved it! ❤
  • the way baby G runs to tia Lexi 😍🥹 &you are the best brother/brother in law, tio, son, and boyfriend Danny! Siempre tan humilde, Dios te siga bendiciendo a ti y a tu familia 💙
  • Sonia Avitia
    What a nice gesture from a brother! God will bless you Danny and Lexi even more for that support you give LES 🙏🏽💕
  • Jenifer Moreno
    You had my heart skipping beats with this road rage part lmao so nice of you to support and admire your sister ❤
  • Jackie Ibarra
    Danny you're such a great person! You give such thoughtful gifts 🥰 I loved watching this video so many plot twists!
  • Bad ass video props danny can’t wait to see more of your content it’s so good and entertaining 👏🏼🙂 and super nice of you what you did for Lea may good keep blessing you guys many more ❤️🙏🏼😊
  • I am genuinely so happy for less I could not stop smiling through the whole video ❤️ you deserve it hermosa !! Beautiful brother and sister bond 🔥
  • Les face the entire time had me dying 😂 you’re such a good brother