Watch Sam Smith and Kim Petras Perform "Unholy" | 2023 GRAMMYs

Published 2023-02-24

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  • @wiffmastermase
    Now do an angelic version just to confuse the shit out of everyone
  • Quando escuto essa musica, associo ela ao filme Hellraiser (2022), não sei porque isso acontece, mas eu gosto.

  • @williamthomas1
    The name was inspired by the band's attendance at a Slade concert, where Petersson commented that Slade used "every cheap trick in the book" as part of their act.
  • Eu amo essa música. 🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷
  • @renatonegrao6436
    Lembra muito uma música antiga do adam lambert, intretenimento
  • “it’s not the eyes that are blind it’s the hearts that are blind”
  • @willtoflower
    this performance and the balenciaga kids photoshoot are best friends
  • @user-wq8so3le9z
    If I was one of those celebs watching this I would run for dear life💀
  • @ElJefeDeTexas
    Man went from "I know I'm not the only one" to this
  • @sandrudaniel19
    The battle between good and evil is not fought with great armies but one soul at a time.
    Sam Smith: checked.
  • @solorsara9314
    Es más aterrador ver el video sin audio...por que no te distrae la música y así puedes ver todo más real, ver realmente lo que está sucediendo...incluso la vestimenta de la presentadora...totalmente dando la bienvenida ya a un "evento 😈" ya absolutamente impuesto, para los que ven la tv y demás...ya no nos preguntaron si nos parecía, es como si fueramos invitados a presenciar lo que ellos "hacian en secreto"...
  • The camera inside the cage like it’s for whoever is keeping her captive is a nice touch. Lol
  • @chandhand6539
    How did they not get mad at this but they got super mad at Nicki for doing something similar 11 years ago 😭😭
  • @ChrisMarrin
    Remember the girl from The Ring? She is a backup dancer now. Feel old yet?
  • @pls2213
    this arrangement should have been the original studio version