MURDER DRONES - Episode 2: Heartbeat

Published 2022-11-18

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    AHHHHH Thank you so much for watching WE HOPE YOU LIKED IT!! Its honestly all because of you guys that this season could happen 💙
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  • Okay, I’m gonna be honest. That bit where the crime scene started disappearing actually sent chills down my spine. That’s terrifying
  • HyperTurttle
    This episode set the terrifying precedent that anything at any time could be fake. On top of that, it will either be incredibly obvious or practically impossible to tell apart from reality.
  • screeno42
    This show's humor is so weird to me. Like, on the one hand, it can get a bit grating and take me out of it with how self aware it is, but at the same time given the subject matter, it almost feels like a larger metajoke? And the actual plot is already popping questions that I can't wait to get answers to! Amazing.
  • WillieManga
    Notice how Absolute Solver is capable of both obvious holograms and almost lifelike ones? Its use of it is really clever. It sets the bar low with its crappy illusions that's easy to see through to lower Uzi's guard and then use some high quality ones to divert her.
  • Geode
    Incredible, something that Liam Vickers made got more than 1 episode. We are truly breaking new ground here.
  • OffchartsLuigi
    Normally I don’t call out or do stuff like this but through 2:55 - 3:09 (mostly 3:07) you can see what’s a slight sign of jealousy or whatever from V when N pats Uzi. Makes me feel more hype for this show with the potential “relationship conflicts” between the characters.
    (Hell it would be insane if V ended up turning into some sort of yandere in the future)
  • Oran93Fox
    I love how forgiving everyone is to N. Its nice to see everyone treating him correctly.
  • NWC4
    I love this show so far, I hope in the future it doesn’t finish on a cliffhanger. I also hope for a second season, or a third, but that’s unlikely.
  • Guess My Name
    Another stellar installment to the series!
    Best wishes to all reading this message!
  • Garrett Ferret
    The entire episode was
    A. Funny on the perfect level
    Or B. The perfect mix of Menacing, scary, etc. depending on the mood.
    The episode was extremely entertaining and made me super exited to see what’s next. Great work as always guys!
  • The pacing of this episode was great! Super suspenseful and kept events rolling in a quick but natural succession, loved the dialogue as well, quippy and charming as always :3
  • The real accomplishment wasnt him getting over the mountain, it was him getting nominated for an Emmy. So incredibly proud of you Mark, youre an icon for us small creators to show where we can all go if we just keep trying. Thank you for everything and I hope you get that award you so deserve! :) =3:)
  • SMToon Hindi
    Love how N's dream (and his waking posture) further ties into the idea that the disassembly drones are robo-vampires. I remember someone who worked on this series said something along the lines of "the more we learn about the murder drones, the more disgusted we'll be with the people who sent them."
  • spirit
    i love everything about this show, the artstyle, the plot, the humor, DAMMIT WHY IS THIS NOT ON NETFLIX
  • Kr43he
    Great second episode. Proper terrifying at times as well.
    On a side note: "Get snuck upon" has to be one of the best phrases Ive ever heard
  • Pete Grady
    Most shows that feature comedy and horror elements tend to overdo the comedy and dilute the horror or fall into overused tropes. This episode effortlessly threads the needle. Funny when it needs to be but creepy as hell. The bit where they fire the flare and you get that momentary glimpse of just how big this thing is was a wonderfully scary moment!
  • mak992
    It's terrifying. To suffer first from a threat from the outside and then, if I understand correctly, from one's own system, and in such a twisted, dark and frightening way is scary even as an idea. But GLITCH turned it into reality. Honestly, I really wasn't expecting a sequel to Murder Drones but this series greatly fuels interest and raises a lot of questions
  • zfg hbs2814
    This shows just how good these guys are. Especially now that everyone knows whats going on. The entire lobby was hunting them down and they still pulled it off. This was awesome!
  • Man of Truth
    Let’s hope this project succeeds. Liam has a lot of other projects that need to be fully realized.