Taking the TRAIN from Miami to Alaska! - Ep. 1

Published 2022-08-13
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Edited by: @Warwick Hughes & @Matt Mort

All Comments (21)
  • Kim Jong-un
    "And how trains made this country what it is" thanks for saying trains made America and not highways. It's a shame when state governments and Americans in general treat trains like they're just a socialist thing and something for the poor when it's far from the truth. Towns in the western states literally popped up because of trains. High-speed rail would be a great thing for the US, as the Brightline has shown. People say "oh but the rural people won't use them", but trains have proven to lead to a real estate boom. Germans and the Japanese both initially opposed high-speed rail...and now both systems are praised
  • Dalek Torgo
    The immediate contrast of Brightline (private company) and Amtrak (government) is stark.
  • Just Vienna
    This seriously makes me wish America was more Train reliant and had better services and more tracks
  • kemiwel
    I love Amtrak and wish it could be expanded, but I hope trains more like Brightline start a rail comeback in America. Reminds me of the trains I took in Germany. Almost want to go to Florida solely to try it out!

    So glad I stumbled upon your channel. I rarely watch youtube anymore but I check for your videos every week. Awesome job!
  • Roger Hornby
    Back in the day, there was a train from Miami directly to Chicago, going up the coast, through Jacksonville, then Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, and Evansville.
  • 1mezion
    Brightline trains looks absolutely wonderful 👍
  • C Nat
    Thank you for highlighting Brightline! I want to see them expand their service all over Florida, making it easier for tourists to visit all places.
  • PoobisWoobis
    I'm so happy that I found this series late so that I can binge them
  • Brad Bates
    After enjoying so many of your travel videos including cross-Canada rail trips, this series should be a good one too!
  • Fun fact: Despite how popular of a photo spot it is, that buoy does NOT mark the spot of the southernmost point in the continental US. As there is a spot called Whitehead Spit in the nearby naval air station that is actually more south (on top of Fort Zachary Taylor which is a state park you can visit). But not even Whitehead Spit is the southernmost point! The actual southernmost point in the continental US is, if it's continuously above water, Ballast Key OR if it counts if it's occasionally above water at low tide, the Western Dry Rocks

    I love Key West and the fact that Cubans pretty much built the city. The Cuban history in the city is quite rich and it left an impact
  • Steve Chaput
    I've loved traveling by train since I was a kid. My father would put my sister and I on a local MetroNorth train and pick us up several stops later. We felt so adult. Traveled through New York into Canada, along the California coast and from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon. This trip sound amazing. Thanks for sharing.
    Wow what a spectacular adventure you and your mates are doing. The bright line looks really good. Im really looking forward to watching this series.
  • Pearle L
    Can I just say: the DownieLive team is dialed in! Definitely found myself a few times checking to see if this was YouTube or my television subscription. The editing is top-notch!
  • Jose Jimenez
    “The world can change a lot really quickly” ...”So I’m not waiting around anymore”. I felt this in my soul. I can relate so much. Blessings
  • Herena Saavedra
    What a great Series! Congratulations for the American Pride, it's great to see.
  • Tabby Cat
    I am so glad your channel was recommended! You are so great at this. It was better than most TV documentaries I watch. Thank you for sharing.
  • Tyler D
    Top notch stuff man, this is like TV level production! Looking forward to binging the rest of the series.
  • MartaGwyn
    Mike, you made such a good call to get a roomette for the Silver Star. I did that one in Coach from Fort Lauderdale to DC and it was certainly memorable 😏. The viewliners are a very different experience to the superliners, the Cardinal is my favorite Viewliner. I really hope you tried the blondie in addition to the brownie. 😁 Looking forward to watching this entire season!
  • Derek Lowe
    I love how DownieLive's vlogs are explored to the finest details, and the fact that they have this unique, personal touch to it that no other vlog achieves
  • John Hopkins
    I'm 1 minute and 19 seconds in and I can't wait to experience your journey all the way to Alaska! Subscribed!