Navy SEAL and Army Special Forces Operator discuss Fighting Rifle Setup

Published 2020-07-21

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  • Gato
    4:34 Irishman talks weapon systems and calibers
    5:15 Irishman talks about killing a lot of people with .556
    5:31 Irishman talks running and gunning and barrel length (this guy wild)
    6:54 Optics discussion
    10:34 the need for a suppressor and learning from mistakes
    11:47 suppressor talk
    12:30 Ducks
    13:12 good suppressor brands
    15:17 Night vision setup
    17:53 weapon light
    18:47 Rails,
    19:36 LPVOs
    19:49 Zeroing LPVO
    21:19 rails (m lok vs pic), setup for sling carry & grip,
    22:19 red dot sights + magnifier
    24:13 the future of optics is here
    24:38 buttstock + LAW folder
    24:56 micro t2 red dot
    25:28 charging handles
    25:54 buttstocks part 2
    26:36 slings
    28:33 overall recommendations for rifle setup for GI Joe
    31:51 Get training
    32:30 Dad advice
    33:05 plugs
  • Chris Park
    That Navy SEAL is an example of a silent professional. Very humble compared to majority of SEALs
  • Adam Richards
    I can’t believe we can get this kind knowledge, a treasure trove of experience, for free. What a privilege to hear from these patriots, having first hand experience spreading freedom around the world. Can’t thank enough.
  • Robert Cenname
    I’ve watched this video 5 times. It is hands down one of the best informational videos for a rifle setup. Glad to see these 2 guys with Fieldcraft. FYI I’m a civilian, a patriot and defender of freedom.
  • Dude, you are probably the only guy with actual Chinook flyby background, beyond Cool!! Being at the end year of my service (32yrs), I was and so am proud to be able to serve and support guys like this. It is simply a pleasure serving with military members that are steps above, know allot more, and want to put in better every day.
  • Pathfinder
    So much respect to you men. Great information that is still relevent today... I'm Army and my heart pumps when I hear this type of information and instruction coming from three seasoned Veterans. Good job guys...
  • DeltaFox
    Jeez, that Irishman sets the bar too damn high for achievements. Irish infantry, Irish Ranger Wing, US infantry, US Special Forces and contracted in Africa during the 80's. Now he's a trainer at a respected outfit. What a legend.
  • Kamikaze Lyricist
    Really appreciate this video, tons of info. Thank you guys for your service and continuing to educate citizens how to defend ourselves!
  • jon watson
    This segment was incredibly helpful to me, a civilian, novice shooter. The guys were awesome to learn from. It definitely gave me a solid , beginning platform of what I will look for in a combat , fighting , effective weapon.
  • Ryan Moore
    Just found your channel today. I’m not military nor police, just a regular guy. This was a very well done video for the gamut. Thank you for the content. Binge watching your videos today. Total enjoyment, as well as educational.
  • Larry Man
    Great video. A lot of good info in a short time. I put a lot of time into trying decide the perfect set up. And in the end I stopped agonizing over it, and made a command decision. I’ve gone to three rifles to rock with. I feel better knowing that you guys confirmed my rationale for the choices. 😂😂 Three different set ups, and three different designed purposes. Not everybody can do that I understand. Another thing is, I decided to use a completely different platform and went with bullpups. (And yes, there’s pros and cons. ) I have two AUGs. Technically they both work in either circumstance. However, Each are set up a bit differently. One is more for CQB (red dot with fold away magnification and light) and one more for stepping outside (1-6 optic with red dot on a 45 and a light) I like the 16 inch barrel while having the compact and balanced design. Plus, the manual of arms, mag change, etc works really well for me. Third is a PS90 for PDW and truck gun along with CQB (red dot and light). What’s nice is that there are so many choices available to fit your needs, wants, likes and purpose. This is just MY choice. 👍👍 last thing I need now is at least one suppressor. 😂😂😂
  • John b. Stewart
    Thank you guys for your service and your help with all of this training.
  • “I was in uniform before you were in liquid form.”

    Absolute gold.
  • Om3nofD3ath
    The amount of respect the two youngsters have for the wisdom is not only great form but also shows they are all professionals and passionate about what they do. Combat must be a sharp skill.
  • Mason McDuffie
    It would be cool if you had a build list on these rifles. Great content, sir.
  • Sabryn Gibson
    Can we just appreciate how great of a job mike does interviewing every guest he has on he always asks amazing questions to get the best information from his guests. Thank you and great job
  • FOG
    This is possibly the very best single gun community video of all time on YouTube. Kevin Owens has to be just about the most knowledgeable and experienced authority anywhere today on weapon systems and gun fighting, and this video is packed with useful info.
  • Kamikaze Cali
    Love, love, love this video. Totally subscribed. I am an Army veteran but its been some years past. Nice to hear from some professional shooters being perfectly candid about situational use for firearms and the best case Sanrio setup. Great stuff! You have a new loyal fan.
  • Alfred F. Jones
    I want a video of the Irish guy talking about his times in service.
    Dude is a legit badass.
  • GodCurse
    "keep shooting until your target is no longer a threat" is definitely my motto in EFT lol, I call it "the obliteration technique", feels good to see someone with some real experience mention the strategy. Big fans of these guys, thanks for the video.