Published 2023-06-04

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  • @naut7560
    Mark is the type of guy to skip the 100th episode and make it 101 just to mess with us.
  • @Myahster
    "You were last seen the day you disappeared."

    One of the lines of all time.
    Up there with

    "When you kill someone, they die."
  • @ChesireHeart
    The butteye monster is honestly the funniest yokai to exist. Literally just there to startle you and then run away
  • the scariest part of this whole video was mark pronouncing debris as “deb-rizz”
  • @3many847
    “This is slender man’s woods, and I am being pursued by a butt ghost” -Markiplier 2023
  • @kyanoang3l012
    The Shirime/Butt-Eye is actually considered a harmless spirit (yokai) in Japan. It just loves scaring the shit out of passersby, lol.
  • @IdkNope-uf7sk
    Mark: finds out he needs to find 7-8 pages
    Mark: “Oh No it’s slender Ass”
  • @Ollie-Ollie2007
    There is nothing better than laying in bed watching Mark run from a giant butt.
  • @emmalilley4770
    Mark having a mini stroke over pineapple pizza was the best
  • @EleonMythos
    Every intro takes me closer into believing Mark is an actual SCP.
  • "The Brown Eye of Injustice is staring hard into my soul and I just--I can't afford to stare back"
    This hilariously sincere statement will reverberate quietly in the corridors of my mind forever.
  • @zombeef3074
    Mark really has absolute faith in Lixian, if it wasn’t for his animations Mark would look like an insane lunatic during his “interactions” with him
  • @Kikrafis
    Every video Mark takes one step closer to looking like Keanu Reeves
  • @specimen9831
    We've watched over 300 scary games with Markiplier. Holy hell man
  • @riskigost2759
    Someone ordering 4 pizzas and putting pineapple on all of them is the scariest thing that happened between the 3 games Mark played.
  • @ElFreakinCid
    Funny thing about Shirime, that's an actual yokai from Japanese folklore, it's a featureless human figure with an eye between its asscheeks, and it likes to scare people but is otherwise harmless.
  • 19:36 reminded me of the maze game Bob, Wade and Mark played where they kept getting jump scared by electronic ghost cutouts 😂
  • @Gemricca
    For those wondering, the chillstep/lo-fi song during the Last Night game is called Vesper by the music artist Kisnou.