Cosmic Tingles ASMR Soft Spoken ☯TAO TE CHING ☯

Published 2023-02-05
Tao Te Ching by Lao-Tzu c.400 BC. Philosophical poetry narrated by Cosmic Tingles in a soft spoken and whispered voice accompanied by the visuals of a sunflower butterfly garden with a meditative singing bowl soundtrack for ASMR sleep, relaxation and enlightenment.

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  • @lotusmaglite
    Seeing new ASMR posts from Kayla is like finding an unexpected new album by a band you like, except the band is also a healer. Cosmic Tingles has been a part of my chronic pain management for years. Thank you!
  • @vkdeen7570
    kayla one of the original asmr g's

    age-defying, mystifying, tingle inducing 🐐

    such a great voice for asmr!!
  • @daysgone1979
    I watched the silence of this channel for many years, hoping, and wondering if you were okay. There's been three ASMRtists that I've watched and two of which are still dormant. You finally came back and I'm so grateful to learn that you're okay and doing videos again. Thank you for uploading the last two videos. I appreciate you.
  • @crazyfnjoey
    I like the calm and deliberate presentation. A lot of new asmr starts by frantically clicking their nails or something and then fast whispering nonsense.
  • @Davivd2
    It's so good to have you back. There is something that I can't quite describe about your voice. When you speak softly it makes me tingle in a way that nobody else can make me feel.
  • Just discovered your channel, your voice is literally heavenly. I struggle with insomnia and your tone and cadence is perfect and I already feel my eyes growing heavy. Thank you from Australia 🇦🇺 🙏
  • @gillybeano
    Such an amazing surprise to see you posted again !! Can’t wait to watch this tonight ❤ missed you !!!
  • @KingCharles25
    Cosmic's whispering to us like the wind on a breezy day, love to see it 🙏🏿
  • @hemaybedead
    This unique style of ASMR brings the most tingles and has been missed. Thank you for making more videos like this!
  • @ThreeToesofFury
    YES!!!! WELCOME BACK!!! you are by far one of my fav ASMR channels and its wonderful to have you return. Hope all is well with you and appreciate your work.
  • @ReliefASMR
    I appreciate you! You are an OG. So nice to have new content from you, and always so unique and pure!
  • @annawalk6159
    I have, admittedly become “Tingle Blind” to the accounts that I have been following. I found this channel by accident (or was it?) and have tingles again! Thank you!!! 🥰🥰
  • @whitefox2076
    It good to see new beautiful art from this wonderful asmr artist.
    I been rewatching the same headache relief video for years when I would need help releasing it. This video is so powerful it stands out against the wave of asmr that is nothing but clout chasing. Thank you for sharing your kind soul with us once more.
  • Kayla, you don't know how much your ASMR has kept me going and helped me with my Insomnia. You were the 2nd ASMR video I ever watched and by far my favorite ASMRTIST. Welcome Back!!!!
  • @manthetower5894
    Fond memories come flooding back when I hear this calming voice.
  • @cashette
    I love the POV movement since I’m disabled and can’t go on nature walks. Would love just a nature walk with no speed adjustments
  • @Mafyeux
    This is great, I have studied the Tao te Ching for years, and this interpretation was nice. Check out the Arthur Waley translation if you get a chance, lots of insight there. Looking forward to more stuff from you!
  • @alexrayfield939
    Very glad you’re back finally getting some tingles again 😊
  • I love this new renaissance of Kayla! Natural beauty and nature inspired. I bet we may be seeing more of this from other ASMR's. 😊