TikTok CEO vows to ‘keep fighting’ after US House passes bill to ban app | BBC News

Published 2024-03-14
TikTok’s chief executive has vowed to ‘keep fighting’, after the US House of Representatives passed a bill that could see the app banned in the US.

Shou Zi Chew warned that if the bill becomes law, it will mean the end of the app for its 170 million users in the US.

While the bill passed overwhelmingly in the vote, it still needs to clear the Senate and be signed by the president to become law.

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  • @gorgu08
    Facebook and Twitter are banned in China, why not TikTok
  • @ap4702
    If brain rot was an app.
  • @TimesFM4532
    Its not being banned it being forced to be sold, the same thing happenened to Grinder
  • @tko8218
    It needs to be banned from the whole world!
  • @thethoth1755
    China would never allow a US base company in their Internet system. We should not allow them in ours. Plain and simple.
  • @saam4312
    If tiktok is a national security threat, doesn't that mean all other social media apps are also national security threats? Note: I dont use tiktok, nor do I support it
  • @user-vr3qs7sz7g
    Tiktok is banned in China and this guy never say a word on it.
  • @sighfly2928
    They need to ban all predatory algorithms within social media apps.
  • @mzhassan84
    Why no one talks about Facebook or insta or X ?
  • @harshaarrfan
    The only country balls of steel to ban TikTok overnight..India !
  • @crisn565
    Ban it. I hate it with a god damn passion
  • @RayMak
    OnlyFans has entered the chat