CGI 3D Animation Short Film HD "Nobody Nose Cleopatra" by ISART DIGITAL | CGMeetup

Published 2016-09-16
Nobody Nose Cleopatra Short Film (Nez en moins disait Cléopâtre) by ISART DIGITAL. Featured on…

Irascible Cleopatra has a problem. Nobody can draw her nose to her satisfaction.
Ahmes, an apprentice painter used to menial chores, is asked to take the master’s painting to the queen. At the palace, his troubles begin. The corridors resound with the screams of those who have disappointed Cleopatra!

Animated short, Graduation Film, School : ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

3D Animation : Chams CHITOU, Charlotte LEBRETON, Lucie LOISEAU, Mikahel MEAH, Maxime MONIER, Marc RAZAFINDRALAMBO, Aymeric RONDOL, Jonathan SALVI and Anthony TREFLEZE
Music & Sound Design : Loïc AMIOT, Axel BURCKEL, Grégoire MOUSSEAU, Franck RABINEAU and Denis RIVOIRE

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CGI 3D Animation Short Film HD "Nobody Nose Cleopatra" by ISART DIGITAL | CGMeetup


All Comments (21)
  • As a artist, i love this message. You don't have to draw realistically or the popular style for people to like your art.
  • Wow so many people just don't get the meaning of this...Also, I love these animated films where there is no talking. There is no language barrier. No matter where your from, we can all watch and understand with feeling. (most of us anyways)
  • @jordanreeves384
    Cleopatra just doesn't like the way her nose is she thinks it's too big and everyone in Egypt paints her nose the way she doesn't like it lol
  • @cristina5817
    Como sempre, tudo que vcs fazem é fantástico! parabéns! Adoro!
  • @simonlego01
    3:32 when you have to do a school assignment in front of the whole class and talk and you just wait for your own turn
  • @swanbrown
    I think I'll make it a habit to set the player speed a little higher when watching these things. They are almost always animated too slow.
    I'm not sure if it's something about the timeline-style interface, or just me being overly impressed with the fluidity between key frames, but my animations tend to do it, too, unless i pay attention .
  • @moomiira
    The design for this interpretation of cleopatra is so adorable
  • @louwee3506
    Cleopatra really DID have a big nose. There are coins with her imprinted face on them. But she didn’t mind at all and her incredibly charming personality made people around her disregard her looks and actually remember her as beautiful..
  • @SimeonObeyMeIRL
    I think the lesson here is it doesn’t take perfection to be an artist. You just have to try your best.
  • Honestly, i Love her Nose, it suits her So Perfectly and makes her look Prettier, but that's just my opinion
  • At the beginning I expected Cleo to break off the Sphinx’s nose, but pfft maybe I was reading too much into it.
    I love the art style btw!
  • @Darkness0191
    So what I learn from this video in an art perspective, is that, when drawing someone else, just make sure to make them like it, even if there're not quite similar.
  • @alirazachaudary
    So can this kid teach me to draw and feed the older man who treated him like a slave to that god damn tiger, please

    Edit: Also 3:26 is adorable and I love it
  • @draalien9562
    Aaahhh I watched this in 6th grade! I still love this short! 💕