I bought every MacBook Ever.

Published 2023-04-22
Well there's $30,000 we're never getting back 😅 If we can ACTUALLY beat Apple in Subscribers, I will build the largest, most powerful iPhone in the world...myself 😳

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  • OK here's a deal - the day we overtake Apple in subscribers (they're on 16.9M), I will personally build the most powerful iPhone in the World....myself. 😎
  • @JaredConnell
    18:13 the logo lighting isn't a waste of battery, it uses the cold cathode florescent back lights of the screen to light the apple logo. So there isn't any extra power being used to light it. Thats why OLED screens don't have that feature anymore.
  • That guy needs some extra credit with actually acting so polite and didn’t hang up after someone asking about a laptop that was before the 2000s 😂
  • @Cactoos
    Im actually impressed that customer service knew what this machine was and when it was produced, nice
  • @Aphrx
    18:50 The light isn't actually a separate source, it's just the back light from the display, which is also why the brightness changes based on your display brightness, so it didn't use up extra battery power
  • @ItsBinhRepaired
    If I'm not mistaken, the apple logo lighting up doesn't waste power. It uses the light from the display. If you shine a bright light on the Apple with the screen off, you'll see the light come through. Normally displays have a layer that prevents this.
  • The light up logo was actually SUPER useful for when your display didn’t light up for some reason, you could shine a light through the logo to see whether it was the display being off or the backlight.
  • @watchingworm
    The light-up logo was lit by the backlight of the LCD display, so they actually didn't use any extra battery. That's also why there could be a hotspot on the middle of the display: the sun could shine through it lighting up that spot. In my experience this only happened with direct sunlight shining on the logo.
  • @GFourGadget
    At this point I'm convinced Arun can buy anything and everything he wants, if he wants it.
  • I never understood where people got the idea that the light up logo wastes battery. If anything it’s more efficient or neutral. It’s just the normal backlight for the screen, it’s not a separate light. That’s why it can create a hotspot in the screen in some lighting. Because you’re literally looking through the display.
  • @shreeney10
    The lengths this man goes to giving us content is absolutely legendary. Hats off.
  • @dublxml
    And yet they can’t run .EXE files 😔
  • @Jezee213
    You have to admit, Jobs was a master at hype and selling a product. I miss that.
  • @JeremyMarkel
    As a life time Windows and Linux user, buying a MacBook pro with M2 Max earlier this year was quite an experience. The performance is amazing and I've found that it's become my daily driver instead than firing up my noisy and heat generating i9 13900k gaming rig to use it for work and non-gaming related tasks. I'm quite impressed on where Apple has taken their laptops today.
  • @astrospeedcuber
    I've been using a 2015 Macbook for practically all my life (as a teen), and never realised both how far the device has come, and how much more powerful and featureful it has become since the past few years. This is genuinely incredible.
  • @dietitiandaddy
    2016 Touchbar Pro User here. Replaced the screen and battery on it, planning to get 10 yrs out of it before replacing.
  • @tala.186
    The fact that he's been doing high-quality content for a long time and still hasn't gotten bored or reduced the quality speaks volumes about his passion