VFX Artist Reveals TRUE Scale of Attack on Titan!

Published 2021-05-09
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Wren dives deep into exploring the sense of scale in the anime Attack on Titan. The Corridor Crew put a lot of effort and long hours into making this one, as you can tell by the large amount of VFX.

Shoutout to two artists who helped make it happen!!
Lucas Knepper provided the Armored Titan and you can find him on twitter at twitter.com/LucasTom21
ChunkkaDraws provided us with a Colossal Titan! He made more too but we unfortunately couldn't fit them in the video. twitter.com/SketchDasher

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All Comments (21)
  • @AndreiJikh
    This is one of my favorite shows! How did I not find this channel earlier? AMAZING WORK!
  • I’ve always had a problem with the scaling of attack on Titan. It would have been better if they made the colossal titan an absolute colossus. 250 meters while the wall is 200 or something. Because you’re right, while some of the titans are scaled correctly, once you get over 17 meters with zeke the scaling just drops off.
  • @NickAndriadze
    The CGI in this episode is truly horrifying, but surprisingly hilarious in some parts. I love it.
  • I love the fact that the Colossal Titan gives of a ton of smoke. Because assuming it's warm blooded like a mammal, it has so much volume to produce body heat that it would literally cook itself.
  • @Crazael
    8:24 Fun Fact: When the SRW team asked Gainax about the sizes of the Evangelions and Angels so they could be properly scaled for their game, the animation studio's answer was "anywhere between 40 meters and 200 meters". This is backed up in the show where the scale of the Evas vary wildly based on what would make for the best image.
  • @williamozier918
    Visually this is my favorite of your real size type videos, because the Titans seem to feel very real in the environment.
  • @sawyerhartman
    Bro your editing abilities as a team have just quantified!! Keep these videos up wren! Love em!
  • The "weigh less than they should" is actually applied in real life to sauropods who I believe have air pockets in their bones to lighten the load. Thus first estimates ended up being wrong... It's incredible.
  • would’ve liked to see reiss’ faceless titan here too since he was shown to be way bigger than the colossal. also important to mention any one of the nine titans esp the colossal for this kind of stuff have control over their transformations. the titan equivalent to a nuke when transformed right logically has to use that very actively. so maybe his max size is bigger too
  • @hamidiyahya
    Such a fun episode. Rewatching after one year.
  • @a.b.r.s6779
    These guys are just so good. They need more credit.
  • @derekwright8542
    I appreciate wren keeping his little speech mistake in. Makes the video feel more human, more relatable ❤
  • @itsjuslio
    Okay let's take a moment to appreciate the effort in this show
  • @spencer7323
    Watching this after the end and him describing how it's bout "never giving up" is hilarious
  • Can we get a to-scale episode of Attack on Titan anywhere? I think that would be awesome, especially if you've already seen the show. Seeing the wall so much smaller would be a great example of how futile humanity really is in their homes but so much more effective actually attacking titans with their massive cannons even Reiner can't stop. Showing the Attack Titan as a little bigger compared to the Collosal Titan could make his efforts seem depressingly dire but still doable. One terrifying thing would be seeing titans squeezing through the hole in Wall Maria in episode one; it would only be big enough for them to crawl through one at a time, but if they went through with the pace of World War Z zeds or something similar we'd get a completely new flavour of the titans, even if only for that scene. We're dealing with titan shifters, after all. Maybe the Female Titan is contributing to the chaos by commanding the regular titans to rush forth?
  • @yesthme1224
    you should've added "the big one" into the titan scaling. he was a "normally" made titan, which was.. i think twice the size of collosal titans when propped up.
  • @atakiri
    That was legitimately super cool; I loved the fantastic effects mixed with the physics and math talk
  • @Shuffles_Art
    I think the size of the titans works best within the confines of the walls. You don’t really think about the exact size of the colossal because it’s main shock and intrigue is that it’s as tall as the walls and that’s something that would be enough to terrify anybody within Eldia.

    It’s less about logistics and more about how it visually impacts you through its use of size and spectacle.