Mercury 25hp jet drive

Published 2015-07-03
Mercury 25 HP Jet Drive

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  • I hadn't seen one of these before, but just recently someone had one listed for sale so I figured that lever was the reverse diverter controller, but couldn't find a demo of that feature... now here it is, the video I was looking for! Thanks! Super cool version of an outboard motor/jet that can be fitted to any normal outboard boat. PERFECT!
  • @neifranco3108
    Muito Legal ficou Show
    Um abraço do Nei Franco
    Do Brasil 🎣🎣
  • @Bernievids
    Did not know they existed . Thanks for showing mate.
  • @fifis101
    Pretty cool. Great for the right situation but no reverse.
  • @jimdapogny4531
    That’s great now let’s see how well it moves the boat.😏
  • @alexblair9047
    That's cool but you should show it in use as far as running down river
  • @LouDog-bx1ep
    This isn’t called a jet drive outboard it’s called a real mans super soaker.
  • hello, please tell me which oil in your opinion is better: Tohatsu Outboard 4-Stroke 10W-40 Oil vs MOTUL Outboard Tech 4T 10W-40? What is the oil in your engine?
  • @brushrescue1701
    With the correct threaded attachment that would make a cracking fire pump to
  • @808pathfinder
    i would love to make a kit to convert old ones to a jet drive
  • @Sanuck176
    I think if the boat had a tunnel more water will get to it the inlet to propel more water. At top speed you'll notice there's not much water behind the boat.
  • @BrickField88
    Hey Vince what model boat do you have the jet mounted on?