Luke Combs - 5 Leaf Clover (Official Lyric Video)

Published 2023-03-16

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  • Man Luke just has a way to bring emotion into his songs. I love it.
  • Combes kids
    This is amazing Luke Combs never disappoints and he can never make a bad song I’m so excited for his new album coming out next week on the 24th
  • kyle godfrey
    Love seeing songs before the album gets released and go “hmm how the hell is he going to sing a song about a 5 leaf clover” and then absolutely blows my mind
  • You managed too get everyone in good mood. I love your music man.

    When my father died 1 and half year ago your music got me through his death, I just want to say thank you for your music it really means alot and I long for to see you live this fall in Sweden
  • Think this song will end up on all of the “Best of Luke Combs” playlists. What a track.
  • I'm literally in love with this song and the love Luke has for his family and life!
  • Cj Hirsch
    Dude can't make a bad song. I know he doesn't write all of them, nobody writes every single one, but I'll be damned if I find one I don't enjoy (everyone has overplayed shit on the radio and that's why Spotify is such a blessing 😂) God bless Luke, Nicole and Tex ❤️
  • Country Boy_19
    In my opinion, this song, should be #1, on a list, of your top 5, best songs you’ve ever done. It’s an awesome song! LOVE IT! Keep up the great work, Luke! 😎👍
  • Cung Cem
    Can’t wait for the album! ❤
  • Proffabiam
    Dear Mr. Luke, thank you so much for attending to our plea... Releasing this piece means a lot to some of us. 😍😍
  • Winter Mike
    Whenever I hear there is a new song by Luke Combs, I always know its gonna cut right through🔥🙏..
    Thank you Luke for the great songs ever since🙏💙
  • Cartoon Box
    ❤❤❤ This is such a beautiful song Luke the lyrics is absolutely breathtaking your an amazing entertainer God bless you and your family
  • John Puleo
    Every one of your songs touch my heart and make me feel better.. thanks Luke
  • The ; Dazzler
    Damn you Luke, stop making so many good songs that I have to keep adding them to my all time favourite playlists. Haven’t heard a bad song