are you mad at me?

Published 2023-11-19

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  • @IkerUnzu
    how can we be mad at you?! i’m so happy you took this break.
  • @isobelfisher9732
    i love how intimate yet so private this is. seeing emma having fun and out with her friends is so refreshing
  • @jennychen2162
    This is so nostalgic and no words can describe how comfortable/ peaceful this video makes me feel inwardly
  • @jellesyare
    I love emma so much. She reminds me to stay alive and really live without even trying so hard. Like just being a human being. She's like a sunday afternoon.
  • @nadiastoloff
    i love seeing emma genuinely laugh with her friends. i was literally laughing sm watching that part.
  • i love seeing emma happy with her friends. she hasn't shown friends on here in years. so happy to see that she's happy
  • @Liquidlithium
    The thing is... We are always expecting that you are on a break, so every time you put out a video, it's a positive surprise. We would much rather that you don't have a schedule - you can make three videos within a month, bc you feel inspired, and then not make anything for the next half year, and we will be with you all the way.
  • @addisonstone714
    Emma needs to direct a movie, she would do a great job with the opportunity to use her creative mindset
  • @Bronnybronny
    She seems more herself in this video than I’ve seen her in years
  • @HannahRicketts
    I’ve had to pause this to comment. My soul needed this more than I realised. Emma in her car chatting away, talking about snacks, making coffee… we needed this, thank you x
  • @glitterksn5116
    this was so comforting to watch honestly. and i kind of liked the quiet moments in between. and you do look happy so i'm glad.
  • @LauraTryUK
    I never wanted this to end. I would have watched it forever.
  • @jonathanngarciaa
    nooooo we’re not, we missed you and are so happy you’re finally back! we all need a break sometimes and this was your time ❤
  • @noreply4863
    The vibes of emma's videos are sooo good, it feels like watching your favorite movie from 10 years ago.
  • @charlicoca123
    Emma has really mastered the art of melancholy. There are so many moments in this video that remind me of several scenes from The Graduate - the face fall, the blank stare, the listless sigh. Like Nichols & Hoffman, Emma knows how to capture and almost romanticize those pockets of numbness and ennui we all experience. It's how - even as we watch her move around her multi-million dollar home - we still relate to her.
  • @santana4428
    I don’t know why but seeing Emma with a bun and making coffee from her machine brought back so many memories from 2019 and lockdown…no matter how much she changes she never changes?! and I love that about her, she will always be emma
  • @reveebaby
    I can feel like Emma is slowly finding her directorial purpose and it’s something really special. AND THE BACKGROUND MUSIC YALLZ 💜💜💜
  • @emmamarkley730
    i never comment on youtube videos but I had to just now. the clip where you're doing your makeup for dinner. "something looks off... i don't care." THAT is what I needed to hear. it is okay for things to not always look perfect, it is still beautiful. whatever you saw that looked off, we didn't see it. you looked amazing, like you always do. thank you for that reminder that it is okay to just move on and not stress those little "off" things. love u emma.