Meet Max | Oddballs

Published 2022-09-21

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  • Weird that it's a crocodile and not the Boy Scout...Dragon..thing😂
    "We be loyal Scouts" "cuz we talk like Pirates" 😎
  • Hypno
    “Big idea. What if we make a show with like, a talking alligator and he’s like ‘yo, what? I’m a crocodile!’”
  • to think that james went from making comics in his bedroom to having his own official cartoon is
    insane to me, i saw him on tumblr in 2013 and since then have kept watching, he should be incredibly proud of himself.
  • lolz
    Video: Is an innocent, lighthearted kids show
    Comments: R u l e 3 4 💀💀💀
  • The Worm Tamer
    James, as kindly as possible, this show feels like a money laundering scheme
  • SleepyLuna
    I thought their place was the teen titan's T house for a second-
  • Hajebde
    "More firewood to the fire, we hope to see you survive, Max."
  • ZacTFF
    Oh boy The Furry/Scalie Fandom is going to have a field day with this croc
  • I feel in the writing something feels…off
    I can’t put my finger on it but it doesn’t flow well in my mind
    The Cuphead show and Smiling Friends felt right and worked out well but this feels like something isn’t put right

    Is it the jokes? Is it the characters? Is it the sequencing? Is it because it feels too squeaky clean for children? It’s DEFINITELY not the animation or the sound design. It’s some part of the writing I cannot put my finger on.

    I am no hater I just telling something isn’t sitting right with me and I fear it might be a bigger issue than just me.

    Edit: I hope you see what I’m saying since the elements are all there but they didn’t combine right I guess
  • I hope someone sees this, the show is realeased one day after my birthday, and I'm very excited, thank you Netflix, and James, and all the other wonderful people in your team.
  • CircusZero
    Bro I was literally sitting here thinking hey, I would watch a show of this, the absolute gasp I let out at the end tho😂🤣😂🤣
  • ToonDoggo
    It's still crazy to me you got a Netflix show. Can't wait to see it!
  • MAW
    Rule 34 Artists:
  • Lil Boba :D
    I found the trailer for this a few days ago, I’m so excited!!
  • Nai 1919
    E621: Now we have a new character.
  • SRG Lau
    he's really lovable I can't wait to see more of him