Published 2022-09-02

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  • @avao3914
    Cody laughing at the “child care / influencer” as if that’s not exactly what kelsey does lmfao
  • @mattcollins8966
    I don’t know how someone watches these shows without Cody’s play by play.
  • @krypt3705
    Petition to make kody join the show and just saying “Im engaged” to everyone and win
  • @lowkeybruja
    " i smell crypto. i smell dangly earrings. i smell clock tattoos."
    im sobbing, that is so goddamn funny
  • @1tinynarwal2
    Petition for Cody to make a video for every episode this season bc every episode is wild.
  • @gabbykeyser
    nothing scarier than someone working in HR on this type of show
  • @user-gk1hl5em5p
    How these women feel comfortable enough to be in a villa with that many guys is CRAZY
  • @josephsoto2460
    Cody this is the 3rd time you’ve shown “FBOY ISLAND IS BACK!!” to the class
  • @williamcao03
    Nobody can keep Cody, the Silicon Valley Software Engineer notoriously known as the “Little Back-end Developer”, Ko down
  • @GamerSisters
    I love the way that guy played the virgin so perfectly that literally became a horrendous stereotype of a sad person that has never been touched by a woman.
  • @MyaB1986
    Cody should do more movie criticism. Watched the video on Velocipastor yesterday (again) and laughed my ass off.
  • @sarajane6227
    Cody: dissing Peter being a “childcare/influencer”
  • @winterlover89
    The F-boy really thought telling women he's just met that he's a virgin would be the way to win them over?!
  • @lainefriesen2471
    cody!! just wanted to tell you your marathon video really inspired me to make some changes and do something good for me. im 4 days sober and getting in the gym! thank you so much
    My monkey brain wouldn't be able to understand this show without the tactical analysis of Mister Ko. Thank you for your service.
  • @leahf.k.8770
    I can’t get over mans’ strategy like I was not expecting that plot twist in low key impressed with how bad it is
  • @ccb36
    Wait I love the "fboy island but it's straight dudes finding friends" reality show idea please someone make it happen
  • @emmadictator4062
    Ok, hear me out, this idea of bromance show would actually be awesome, like masked as a heterosexual dating show but the goal would really be to build genuine friendships, should we contact Netflix about this ?...